There Is No Death

“There is no death”, A Course in Miracles claims (lesson 163). What is it then, I wondered, that I see happening around me? I decided to pose this question to the guardians of my Akashic records. The following is the answer I received.

Appearance and Form

Believing in death is taking appearances too seriously. Appearances, by definition, are always changing. The ability to change is a core characteristic of form. Form is the clay you get to play around with. It comes into appearance, changes shape and is discarded. Form is continually being recycled. Look about you, the evidence of that is everywhere.

If your true your nature was a specific form, then you would be subject to appearing, changing and being discarded, you would continually be subject to recycling. But your true nature is not form. You use form to express through. And so it would be very interesting to know what your true nature is, if it uses form and is not form itself.

Your True Nature Is Not Form

Your true nature is the creative current of life, the creative force, an ever expanding and extending flow of benevolence, life and love.

A painter is not the paint he uses to paint a picture. A painter uses paint to express in a picture their vision of life. A builder uses bricks to express in a building their vision of well-being. A farmer expresses their vision of abundance through their work with animals and land. Your true nature is all of those visions combined and more, seeking expression in ever changing and evolving form.

Your true nature uses physical presence—bodies, shapes, anything—to express your vision of your true nature. When one form has served its purpose it will make room for another. The flow of life, you, will continue to express one way or the other.

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