Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Have you ever wondered what the phrase “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost*” really means? Two weeks ago, as I was opening my daily Akasha session, the guardians announced their presence in this way:

“Good morning. We have gathered here together in the name of the Father and the son and the holy ghost. Who are they? They are the source, the expression and the field. These are just aspects or facets of the current of creation in the middle of which you find yourself. We would like you to be aware of how these three make up perfection. And you are part of that, as is everybody else. You experience it however, only to the extent that you move with the flow, to the extent that you are attuned to its dynamics. Now proceed.

I was too surprised by this revelation to be able to formulate a question and instead followed the injunction to proceed. I had several questions on the agenda for the session at hand and so I thought no more of it that day.

The next day, however, upon reading what had been given, I decided to follow up. I asked:

Please expand on that. It is new for me.

Many of the dynamics you are familiar with come in three, such as knowing/doing/feeling, and this is like that: source/expression/field.

Father – Source

Source is life, it is pure energy. It is expansion in a unified dynamic.

Son – Expression

When life moves it expresses. The One Creative Life Force expresses or manifests in multiple facets, in myriad aspects. It can’t help doing that. All of the expressions together are the son. When love moves it experiences itself in its expression. There are expressions in many different shapes and guises in many different places and realities. One of the areas the Creative Life Force expresses in is the world of 3D, in form, in matter. Look about you at the natural beauty of this planet with its landscapes, habitat, flora and fauna. The planet is one such facet in which source is expressing, and in this facet it is finding myriad ways to experience itself: a rock, a plant, an animal, a person, etc. In origin and character one and unified, in expression diverse.

Holy Ghost – Field

Regarding the field. You may call it love, inspiration, feeling, alignment, attunement, focus, will, etc. A person has the ability to decide what to focus on. Most people focus almost exclusively horizontally. They focus on facts having to do with living daily life in society as they present themselves to them. In fact, most people feel that life is about braving the ever changing forms and conditions, trying to navigate through them, trying to tweak circumstances here and there, adjusting to changes, etc. People tend to become absorbed by all of this to the extent that some call it the fall or entanglement. This describes the response mode.

It takes real effort to take your focus off daily life and its facts and remember the source—the Creative Life Force—and the expression through which it experiences Itself.

New Focus

Why would you want to take your focus off the loops and roller coasters of daily life? Because that is not where the Creative Life Force—the loving life-giving current of creation—experiences its true character. It can only experience itself as Itself when its points of manifestation are focused on expressing its character of loving life-giving creativity.

As long as a person is happy with their focus on the facets of living daily life in society there is no need for change. They can go on happily doing that. However, there comes a moment that the loops and roller coasters of that life are no longer nurturing and nourishing. And at that time the point of expression will question what it is all about. The answer is not in the familiar focus on, engagement in and response to the loops and roller coasters of daily life. And so they will look for answers in other directions. They will start to focus away from the busyness of daily life (the horizontal life) and focus on what they are truly wanting to express, bringing a new dimension into their lives.

The Vertical Infusing the Horizontal

And that is when attuning or aligning to the field comes in. The mind has the ability to focus away from the response mode that is linked to the horizontal life of daily facts and figures. The person’s mind is able to zoom in on a quality that is not conditional on a given set of circumstances. A person can decide where they want to place their focus, and thus determine the quality of the field that surrounds them. By immersing themselves in any of the qualities that are found in the current of creation—love, appreciation, freedom, peace, joy, etc.—they align themselves with that current. And that is what some call the Holy Ghost.

This is about consciously choosing to enlist divine qualities (the Father) in order to immerse in them (the Holy Ghost) and let them be the basis for interacting with the world through your expression (the Son). The vertical dimension is thus allowed to infuse the horizontal dimension.

* See for example Matthew 28: 19.



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