Doing vs Being

Doing vs being has been on my mind for quite a while now. How do I avoid losing myself in activity? Today, this question was addressed by the guardians of my Akashic Records:

Being and Doing Come Together in Forgiveness

Retreating from the busyness of the world for a while may allow you to focus on your inner being when it isn’t occupied by doing-ness. Yet, you can feel your creative energy wanting to express in the world. In fact, your creative energy is focused in and around your physical organism in order to express. So where and how do you direct your creative energy in activity in a way that celebrates being? Is there a way to resolve doing vs being? Forgiveness in the broadest sense is your answer. It is the one and only activity that in its doing-ness completely and totally expresses being-ness.

What do you mean with “forgiveness in the broadest sense”?

It means in the first place “traditional” forgiveness, namely holding nothing against anyone or anything, thereby freeing them all from any notions you may have held about them in your mind. This relates to the past.

Forgiving the Future

In addition, it means not putting anything in anyone’s path, or in any situation’s path, when it comes to the future. Doing so frees them all from any notions you may have held about them in your mind regarding preferred future outcomes. Only when you have thus liberated the past and the future, can you be free in the present moment. Only when you are free in the present moment, can freedom and love and joy etc. be extended.

Hold your nets. Do not cast them towards the past (grievances and grudges, judgments and opinions) and do not cast them towards the future (expectations, desired outcomes). Be still where you are, here and now, unburdened by these projections. That is when you will be able to hear and follow up on inner guidance on how to direct your creative energy (doing) while staying completely in tune with your true identity (being).

A Small Shift in Perception

It may seem that the point where the question of doing vs being is reconciled is an elusive point somewhere in time and space. It may seem as if a lot of effort is needed and that you never really know how to strike the right balance. That perception is mistaken. The point where doing meets being is available at all times and in all circumstances, because forgiveness is ever only one mind-step away. Forgiveness is only a small shift in perception.

Why does it seem so hard to remember and so hard to accomplish?

You are right in using the term “seem”. The little shift in perception in and of itself is not hard or complicated at all. What is hard is the acceptance of the implication the shift has, namely the total collapse of the ego’s edifice. Why? Not because it wouldn’t implode easily in the twinkling of an eye, but because of your attachment to it. Why would you attach to the ego’s edifice? Because you think it is who you are. That is why it is crucial to know who you are: love in expression. Any other notion will lead you astray.

(For more on forgiveness, see blogpost Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom)

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Doing vs being

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