New US presidency

The new US presidency, with Donald Trump at the helm, has many people worried about the fate of US society and the world. The Akasha on society:

You are not the victim of the world you see, but its beneficiary. More specifically: you are the beneficiary of everything that comes into your experience. And so is everybody else.

You Are Not a Victim of the World You See

Of course it is possible to be oblivious to this fact and accept a paradigm that casts you as a victim. If you choose to do so, a drama will unfold in your experience that will take you to all the extremes of the set that you have thus established. You can see proof of that in the media. Thankfully, there is a different way to look at the world and at everything that happens in it. The world is here for your best interests and the best interests of all involved.

Please explain.

Everyone is always doing the best they can, given their concept of life. The feedback a person receives from life may cause them to continue along a chosen path or it may cause them to change course. Whatever their choice may be, it will be based on their understanding of life at that particular moment. That understanding can only evolve by being informed and nourished by feedback that fits the exact spot where that person is. A lofty alternative will not make any sense. Any step that anyone may make is based on their understanding of life and their role in it at a given time. That understanding will evolve step by step.

US Society Is Evolving

And so it is with US society and any other society you may think of. A society is always expressing as best as it is able, based on its understanding as a whole. A society evolves on the basis of the feedback it receives from life, the world, etc. That feedback fits its understanding right in the spot where it is. And it is on that basis that society can move a step this way or that way, each step always being the best possible step, given what has gone before. A lofty model will not make any sense to it. It cannot get from here to there in one big jump. It will have to go from here to there step by step. Each step will make sense on the basis of the step that went before.

Moving Towards Oneness, Love and Freedom

Why is it that many find it hard to see a movement towards oneness, love, freedom, etc. in US society, given its current leadership? Or, for that matter, in any of the world’s societies?

It is there, don’t worry. Search for it and you will see it. It is a slow process, in terms of your time measurement, and that is okay. Do not forget that the world and its societies offer a great variety of settings that suit all kinds of souls. The world may no longer be the best possible place for some souls. They may find that, after a cycle of incarnations, the world no longer serves their best interests. On the other hand the various world settings may attract many souls who enter this phase for the first time. The world attracts and accommodates whatever is in its best interest and that of those involved.

Thank you, guardians of the records of the Akasha, for your dedication, love and light and for the information you have given me today.

(This exchange was inspired by A Course In Miracles, lesson 31, 32, as well as by the comments on these lessons by Alan Watson on Circle of Atonement)

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