You Are Peace

On this Christmas day we want you to know that beneath all the covers and veils of concepts and convictions, deep still peace resides at the core of your being. From there it sends out its quiet vibes to you and to the world beyond.

Why am I not always feeling peaceful?

You have allowed other qualities to vibrate in your field, and they do not necessarily harmonize with peace. And so there is confusion.

How do I know which qualities need fixing?

There is nothing to fix. You only need to know that as soon as you feel confusion or irritation, something is apparently interfering with the quiet vibes of peace. Something in your field is blocking that flow: You are holding something against someone or against some situation.

Be willing to let grievances go, whatever they may be. A grievance is caused by a faulty perception due to a fixed notion that you have allowed to project onto the world. In other words, your projections are playing a trick on your mind, making you think that something outside of you is causing you to feel a certain way.

You do not care for projections, you care for peace. Let it all go–some people call this: forgiveness.

There is really nothing to forgive, for the world only mirrors what you hold inside. When you have expressed your willingness to withdraw your concepts and assessments, you will experience inner peace welling up inside, inviting you to extend and share it. And peace will come to meet you.

You Are Peace

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