Berlin, 19 December 2016

A Course in Miracles states that sin is a belief the ego uses to build its reality. So called sins have to do with the body: what it does or does not do. But you are not a body. You are an expression of love in physicality.

Redirect Your Attention

When you focus on sins (or on virtues for that matter), your belief that the body and the ego are real will become more and more solid. Leave all that, do not pay any attention to it, but divert your focus. Direct your attention to love and loveliness, to harmony and peace, to joy and willingness. How? Visualize puppies, listen to lovely melodies, observe nature, think compassion. All these put you back in touch with who you truly are. You are not your body, you’re not its condition, you’re not what it does or does not do.

Berlin, 19 December 2016

What about the murders in Berlin last Monday?

That is all bodies working on bodies. And now everybody is concerned with safeguarding bodies from bodies.

You are not a body. You cannot be harmed by anyone, neither can you inflict any harm on anyone else. Yes, you seem to go through the motions of harming and being harmed, like children playing soldier in the sandbox. And why do you go through these motions? Because these motions put you in touch with your e-motions, and emotions are telling you how much love you are letting in! Are you upset? Then you are not letting in love. Are you happy? Then you are letting in love. When Abraham-Hicks says “There is nothing so important than that you feel good” they are referring to this very principle.

Life Is an Inside Job

It is about the quality of your field and your responsibility to keep that quality pure. Now you can howl with the wolves and lament society’s fate at the hands of so and so, etc., etc. Or you can go back to your inner state and feel the emotion you are having. When you determine what quality your emotion is, then you know whether to stay with it and extend and expand it, or to refocus on something that is more in tune with the current of love that naturally wells up within. Remember: the world out there is all, all, a reflection of your inner state of mind. It is all, all, an inside job.

I think I need a certain measure of stubbornness to do this well.

Yes, you do. Determination and faith. Now go and run with it.

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