Everything Is an Invitation

The creative current of love that is the heartbeat of life expresses in form all around you and in you. Each and every person, object and situation that you experience is an invitation to link up with the love that is at its core. They are love in the process of expressing – just as you are.

All Things Are an Invitation

Each and every person, each and every thing is an invitation to embrace and en-compass. It is not abstract or difficult. It’s just that, in your focus on differences and distinctions, you are not used to viewing the items that come into your field as invitations.

Each and every person, object and situation that you experience is an invitation from the perspective of love.  Love is expressing in form all around you and in you. By recognizing and acknowledging love, you line up with it and attune to it. Love recognizing love nudges you to embrace whatever is in front of you. And thus compassion becomes your compass to en-compass the people, things and circumstances that appear in your field.


The word ‘appear’ has a double meaning. It relates to something becoming noticeable. And at the same time it alludes to the impression something makes on you, the appearance. When you focus on something in your field, it appears to appear in your field, but in truth it has been there all along. It has never been partitioned off. The appearance of appearing is an invitation. Now use your compass: extend your compassion and thereby en-compass the appearance. You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the fulfillment.

The way the words compassion, compass and en-compassing are related to each other may help you to grasp the underlying idea of inclusion. Everything is an invitation for inclusion, for inclusion allows you to extend your love. Exclusion builds a wall that keeps your love from flowing.

Daily Life

Think of something that happened in the past few days that rubbed you the wrong way and kept you from extending your love. Try to see how you can work with compassion-compass-encompassing.

Okay. How about the music in the restaurant the other day that bothered me due to the superficiality of it and the volume.

Feel your way around it. This, too, is an invitation for inclusion. Anything that appears to appear in your field that seems to rub you the wrong way is the next step in your development: it is asking you to look beyond the specific appearance and recognize the love that is being expressed.

So what would that be in loud, course music?

Well, think about it: how is loud, course music expressing love?

Hmm, for sure it is an act of giving to the world, an act of trying to inspire or lift up listeners.

There you go!

Hmm, and when it does not inspire or lift me up?

That is when you need to access the deeper layers and recognize the intention.

Okay, there is work for me to do!


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