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My dear friend Leona asked if it were possible to get an Akasha reading for her dog, Rusty. Please offer your insights regarding this question.

Good question. The dog is in her care and therefore part of her energy stream. So yes, that would be fine.

But I remember reading in Linda Howe‘s instructions that it is not okay to do readings for children younger than eighteen. How is this different?

The expression of creation that is a dog is different from the expression that is a person. It has to do with care and caring-for in a 3D world. Children come with the intention to assert themselves eventually and direct their will, or their attention, their focus if you will, in this direction or another. In other words, they have an inner agenda that should ideally be left to its own inner promptings. The inner agenda of animals is far more straightforward and therefore cannot be compromised. The best way to approach a reading for a pet is from the standpoint of the one who is taking care of it. In other words, read for the pet from the perspective of the owner.

After I relayed this information to Leona (not her real name), she sent me her question. Following is the transcript of my consultation with the guides of Leona’s Akashic records.

J: This is a reading for Leona who has given me permission to ask for information from her Akashic Records on her behalf for the benefit of her dog Rusty. How shall we proceed?

Good morning. We are here and are ready and willing to be of help. A circle of connection has been established between Leona, you, us (your guardians), Leona’s guardians and back to Leona. For the duration of this reading this circle will be active and will be dedicated to helpfulness regarding Leona’s dealings with her dog. Trust and rest in this dedication. Proceed.

J: Leona’s question is, ‘My dog Rusty has a lump under the skin on his right rear hip. What is the cause and remedy for it?’

The first thing we would say is: Your dog is in your care. His energy system has become attuned to your energy system. In a way, your dog functions as a mirror in your experience. Dogs are love, love, love expressed in fur, in bounding, in paws, in ears perking, in soulful eyes. What a mirror that is, for that love is yours. We would like to place Leona’s contact with her dog within the framework of this coming together of energy streams or systems, and that makes the dog’s physical condition her personal concern. That is how loving owner-pet relationships work out.

As to the cause of the lump: this channel is not suited to exploring and explaining this question. It would lead to an expose of many details having to do with organisms, their exchange with their environment and their urge for survival. There is hardly ever one single cause; a phenomenon is always based on a variety of causes interacting. Those facts would all be true. However, here we would rather focus on the current situation and the opportunity it is presenting Leona with.

As to the physical manifestation of a lump: any physical feature that obstructs the flow of well-being draws your attention, exactly because it is obstructing your sense of well-being. And in the measure that it draws your attention, to the extent that it hooks you, it indicates a ‘lump’ in your inner dynamics. It indicates that something has lodged in your inner space that has become an obstacle of sorts. If that were not the case, a lump on your dog’s hip, or on your own for that matter, would not bother you at all and you would live happily despite it.

Your Dog, Your Mirror

So we would like to view this as an instance of where a disturbance in the outer world is an indication of an erroneous thought held within (ho’oponopono beautifully explains this dynamic), with your dog taking the role of your personal mirror. Be grateful to your dog and be grateful for the opportunity to take response-ability on the level where it truly matters: your inner life. The lump is an invitation to go within.

You do not have to figure out exactly what thought or belief this is about. It is sufficient to understand that it is about clearing inner space and there is help all around you. But you have to be willing to call on that help by declaring your willingness to respond to the situation inwardly, as the outer is a reflection of the inner. That is the first step. Following the ho’oponopono guidelines, acknowledge the disturbance as a reflection of some erroneous thought within you, and ask to be relieved of it. Next, expect to be told as to how to best resolve the physical expression, in this case the lump. You will be told. The growth might disappear on its own, it might stop being a disturbance, it might need a doctor’s intervention; each is fine and can be welcomed as a miracle.

About a Dog

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