Soul and Personality

Sometimes I am surprised at what my personality gets herself into and I wonder: how does my soul manage to tolerate this persona without throwing in the towel? How do soul and personality work together? I decided to ask this question to the Akasha. Here is what I received:

The intention of your soul is unity. The soul after all comes from unity. Sometimes it finds itself working through a focal point that you call a body, a physical organism that belongs to earth. Through the outward focus of the mind a life in a body is dominated by a sense of separation from everything else. As soon as earthly life is over the soul regains the experience of unity in the non-physical. The intention of the soul is to find and experience unity while focused in the 3D world, in order to take that experience back with him/her after earthly life is over.

How does one achieve unity while living in 3D?

Lots has been written about that by religions and gurus: focus on love, be a channel of blessings, be forgiving, etc. All those things lead to the release of the sense of being separated.

Soul and Personality: Respect and Space

How can my far-from-perfect personality assist my soul so that my soul can achieve what it had set out to do?

Both the soul and the personality have an agenda. The soul is focused on the experience of unity, the personality is focused on survival in the 3D world. If there is respect and space for both roles, you will see that neither soul nor personality will put a spoke in the wheels of the other. What’s more, they will support each other when there is balance. When there is too much emphasis on the personality the agenda of the soul will suffer. On the other hand, too much emphasis on the agenda of the soul will cause your personality to feel like a stranger in this world, causing it to rebel. Soul and personality should respect each other and allow room for the other to operate. That way a balance is created that benefits both soul and personality.

Look at the plants around you. They sprout from the earth, from unity. They shoot up and produce flowers: diversity. After a while the flowers wither and the seeds fall to the ground in order to enter unity once again. All through the process the expression is rooted in unity – which in this example is the earth.

Unity in 3D

You sometimes experience unity in 3D, for instance when you are among like minds, or when you work together towards a common goal. The idea is to access unity on a deeper level. Love is one of those qualities that allows you to access a deeper level. Expressions that are inspired by love may have forms and appearances that are completely different from each other. However, through the love that is their common foundation, it is still possible for those involved to experience unity. If it weren’t for the common foundation on a deeper level, the different appearances might cause a sense of division or even friction.

The ideal partnership between soul and personality is based on respect and space. It is not a fixed balance. You will have to be sensitive. It is just like sailing on a lake: as soon as the wind changes ever so slightly, you will have to adjust the sails ever so slightly. With continuous fine-tuning there is no need for abrupt adjustments that could lead to resistance on the part of the personality.

Soul and personality


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