Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on how psychological insights can help us on our way to Heaven:

In an earlier message you cautioned against identifying with the body and the mind, saying that both the mind and the body function best without our interference. Yet, there is much available on psychology and on how to direct your thoughts in order to affect our state of mind, the body as well as circumstances. Thoughts are things. Is that all beside the point? Please explain.

Psychological Insights

Within the framework of psychology there is much to be learned and derived from models and insights into the dynamics of the  mind. Think of it as a jungle. As long as your gaze is fixed upon the square inch in front of you, you keep seeing tangles and knots and intricate patterns that need straightening out. Then, someone comes around and tells you to look up and observe the sky, claiming that when you do, you will soar and will leave the jungle behind. That may be true, but as long as you are too much occupied with the tangles in front of you, that advice is not going to be received nor welcomed by you. You need something to help you untangle the knots on the square inch where you believe yourself to be. So that is where psychology comes in, where all the various healing techniques come in, where traditional medicine comes in, and so on. They all help to clear the space in front of you, so that at least you will no longer be on the verge of panic. Then you might be able to look up, leave the jungle behind and be lifted up.

Does that mean that when I am able to lift up my head and behold the empty sky in which I can soar, even though there are still many tangles to untangle so to speak, I should do that and leave the tangles behind?

Yes. Leave the tangles to tangle themselves. They’re perfectly happy to do so without you. The jungle is perfectly happy to be a jungle without you.


Ha! So once I get a glimpse of Heaven I can simply let go of wanting to know how everything fits and operates on a psychological level.

Yes and no. Knowing how everything fits and operates on a psychological level will help you at times when you have forgotten to raise your head. Then that knowledge will help you clear the space around you so you have room to look up. The same holds for knowledge about the body, health and fitness, etc. That knowledge helps to deal with your body in moments when you tend to be overly concerned about its condition. A doctor’s prescription, a naturopath’s advice, a workout routine, they all help to clear the space around you so that you feel free to lift your head and look up. In short, they take away stress, offering you the opportunity to focus on Heaven.

But if I manage to look up without the doctor, the health advice, the exercises etc., should I just leave them be?

By all means, always look up and focus on your true identity. Then, do what feels right. You will be told and directed as to the way in which to achieve the right balance for your thinking and feeling and for your body. Just remember, all of these elements have a role to play. They lead to heaven, they do, so do not judge or reject. Be open to all types of modalities for they can be of service to you on your way to Heaven. Simply remember to not elevate them to levels of worship.

“What If This Is Heaven?”

Anita Moorjani’s latest book is called “What If This Is Heaven?” Is she right?

Yes. You tend to think that Heaven is out there somewhere. It is not. Heaven is here, now, for Heaven is within you. It is a state of mind, not some far off place to be searched for or worked towards. Heaven is your birthright and your destiny. You merely imagine yourself to be elsewhere, having to deal with attack and misery, while all the time Heaven is here and now.

Thank you, guardians of the records, for your dedication, love and light and for the information you have given me today.


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