Arthritis Pain

Recently a friend of mine, Jennifer (not her real name), asked me about arthritis pain. She explained that she had been experiencing much discomfort due to arthritis. Jennifer is keenly aware of the body-mind connection as she has been a spiritual seeker for much of her life. She said she had tried all kinds of approaches and she was not sure what to do next. She asked me to consult the guardians of her Akashic records on her behalf on the following question: “How is the arthritis helping me to grow spiritually?”

This is what I received:

Arthritis Pain

The arthritis is not helping you to grow spiritually. It just is, just as any other type of condition, deemed healthy or not, simply is. Your interpretation of the condition is what you are working with.  And it is in your interpretation of the condition, that you can find spiritual growth.

How? Your resistance against this condition signals a degree of identification with the image you are holding of how your body should function. Your body is not matching that image. The discrepancy translates into pain.

You cannot know how your body should function or if it should function at all for that matter. Any fixed idea about the way in which the body should function will trip you up, because you are not your body.

You Are Love

You are love, flowing and expressing. You are peace, welling up and extending. You are healing, coming forth and soothing. Currently you seem to be focused in a body, and so you can use the body as a channel for all that divine energy to stream into the world of form. Arthritis or not. It is irrelevant.

Your interpretation of the condition though is keeping you focused on the specifics of the body you seem to be using at present. That interpretation keeps you locked in identification with form to a certain extent. You could see your interpretation as a portal to change your mind and disengage from any idea you might still have of what the body is and how the body should behave.


Towards the end of a lifetime lived in a body, every soul will have to disengage from their identification with it. Any condition along the way, that is labeled ‘disease’, ‘illness’, ‘condition’ etc., only serves to help you disengage. In fact, the sooner the better, don’t you think? For being focused in a body without any identification allows the soul more freedom than with it.

As to her second question “And, what should I do to overcome the pain?” the following came through:

We would advise any remedy that will help take your mind off your interpretation. View the medication or treatment as a doorway, just as your interpretation of arthritis and arthritis pain are doorways. It is all a doorway, see? We offer only doorways.

Arthritis Pain


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