Scope of Questions and Answers

What is the scope of the questions and answers within the framework of an Akashic consultation?

Recently a friend of mine, Barbara, asked me about this. She explained that she had been drawing on information and energy from the Akasha for quite some time and had usually been receiving what she called packed thought forms. This had again happened the day before. “It is as if the Akasha are downloading a stream of information as soon as I connect. I am fine with the stream downloading and not knowing, seeing, or attaching to any precise information points within the flow”, she wrote, but she said she had to guard against being overwhelmed. “It is as if there is a backlog. What’s happening?”

I did the opening protocol on her behalf and this is what I got:

The Need to Be Specific

Information from the Akasha is kind and measured, with an occasional peppery comment to make sure you are paying attention :-). Regarding your experience of yesterday, it was the Akasha, it was us and yes, you do have access and can process rather big chunks of information. You are doing wonderfully. There is no need to be anxious. What has been happening is, in your willingness and eagerness, you are embracing it all and then some. A pointed question may help in this respect: delineate what exactly you want to know. Then wait till you get a precise, specific answer. It might help if, just prior to asking the question, you specifically ask to receive only the answer to the question. Then when you have received the information, quietly contemplate it and ask a follow-up question if you feel so moved. Again, be specific and expect a pointed answer.

The Answer Is the Starting Point

Regarding the scope of questions and answers it might help to bear the following in mind. The way it works when consulting the Akasha is different compared to what you are used to. In your everyday lives you are used to phrasing a question first and then looking for the answer, with the answer fitting the question. With the Akasha it is the other way round: the starting point is the answer. The answer already exists in the form of content within the records. When the focus of your attention is in the area of that content, then your hovering nearby sparks a question in your mind. This means that whenever you find yourself with a question on your mind you can be sure it is a sign you are in the vicinity of the content that forms ‘the answer’ to it, for it is your proximity to that content that caused the question about it to appear in your mind in the first place: the question fits the answer.

So when you experience the downloading of a flow of packed thought forms, it means your attention – or awareness – is apparently hovering in the direct vicinity of that content conglomerate. Your awareness determines the scope of the questions and answers within the context of an Akashic consultation.

Barbara then wondered about the type of questions that would be appropriate to ask the Keepers of the Records of Life from the beginning till now. “In an ultimate way, I do not believe in time itself, there is no past and no future. In dualism, there is an experience of what is past that I have. Is all I can ask the Akasha something to do with what has passed?”

Processing Content

Rather than thinking in linear terms from past to present to future we like to focus on content and content chunks. All content is always available. However, we would not advise anyone to access and process it in its entirety in one go. Instead, processing chunks of content, one by one, allows you to assimilate content in a logical sequence, eventually embracing the whole. That is what the concept of time is about, really. As your awareness grows, you gradually encompass more and more. There is no force involved; it is a natural, organic process. Awareness, per definition, is a blossoming, growing phenomenon.

People who share your path or your vantage point do so because their awareness is apparently also moving in the vicinity of the content that you are focused upon. The expression “history repeats itself” recognizes that at some other point on the linear time line there is/was a group of people who are/were accessing similar content as you may be accessing now, albeit in different form and shape.

Barbara’s ruminations continued: “I could see asking about what Linda Howe calls my sacred wound and how it is keeping me from having what I want now and I did do that yesterday, and it seemed to me I got an answer and I have much peace. It all seemed so easy! Maybe this is my question: does it sometimes feel this way? Is there more I could ask for, more intelligent ways I could be using this connection, if indeed, I am having one? (Which I think I am but your voice here will be reassuring either way.) Thank you!”

Awareness Determines Scope

You are connected and have been receiving messages from us, your guides and teachers in the Akasha. Do not doubt, do not worry. You are doing beautifully with what you have at hand. What all of this is, is a matter of pacing, fine-tuning, and of you in the driver seat, deciding what and how much. Why? Any vantage point in creation is capable of accessing the Akasha to the max. The flow or current that is accessed and created during a conscious and deliberate consultation, as you are used to doing, that current has to be accommodated, or integrated, by the vantage point, by the physical organism that is you. That aspect determines the scope of a reading. There is no time. However, the physical organism for the most part operates within the framework of time, and so within that framework one could speak of growth or development. In 3D growth happens in steps. Likewise, growth in consciously channeling information from the Akasha is a stepwise process, going from phase to phase. You (your higher self as well as your physical self and everything in-between) are best equipped to assess for yourself how, how much and what type of information you can handle at any given time.


In a way the experience of being on overload is nudging you to become aware of the need to stay balanced when it comes to allowing Akashic information to come to you so that the scope of the information is conducive to the assimilation of the information within the context of a life lived in 3D.

Regarding your wish to know if there are more intelligent ways in which to use this connection: it is not set in stone. Each person has their own unique best way to connect, and that best way can certainly always become more refined and adjusted. It takes openness  as well as willingness to set aside your personal agenda and convictions. To welcome guidance and apply it.

We are through.

(Used with Barbara’s permission; Barbara is not her real name)

The Scope of Questions and Answers

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