How to Tell the Difference between Ego Thoughts and Divine Inspiration

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic records on inspiration:

As we were talking about lesson 202 of A Course in Miracles “Let me be an instant and go home”, my guides responded resolutely saying:

You are home.

Why does it not feel like home: safe and peaceful and harmonious.

Your thoughts about ‘stuff’ are still thwarting your perception. Do not believe your thoughts. Dismiss them and only trust divine inspiration.

How do I tell the difference?

Your thoughts are neutral at best, and usually they bring tension, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, etc. They split the whole and focus on details. They are about some parts of the whole, excluding other parts. They have a way of raising up filters through which you perceive the so called outside world.

Divine inspirations, on the other hand, are loving, joyful, creative, harmonious and peaceful, including everything and everyone in their embrace. Extending love and good will outward, they dissolve any of the filters that might still be active.

Okay, that is quite a bit to digest.

Yes, it is. Focus on the feeling a thought brings. If it feels loving and inclusive, flow with it, for it is an inspiration. If it makes you feel less than that, thank it for presenting itself to you and then replace it with a loving and inclusive thought.

How is the statement “I am not a body. I am free” loving and inclusive?

It holds for everyone, not just a select few. When you experience yourself as free of your body, you will automatically know that this is true for everybody else as well. All of the statements in ACIM’s lessons are inclusive in nature.


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