Forgiveness Is the Key to Freedom

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on forgiveness:

This week I was studying Lesson 193 of A Course In Miracles workbook: “All things are lessons God would have me learn”. Please explain.

Yes, there is only one lesson. There are multiple forms in which this one lesson appears in your everyday lives, and thus it seems as if there are multiple lessons. But there is just one lesson: forgiveness. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of A Course in Miracles. Why? Because forgiveness dissolves the tangles that seem to be keeping you and the other person bound to the world’s frame of mind. Forgiveness lifts you as well as those you touch to a higher plane where shadows have vanished and veils have dropped.

Please explain how to work with forgiveness.

Remember that there is only one lesson and one message, even though the form in which it appears may vary. Whenever you feel the slightest apprehension or misgiving, the message and the lesson are the same as when you feel anger or pain or cannot seem to let go of a grievance: you are holding something against the world or an aspect of the world. You are wishing that the world or an aspect of the world were different: an expectation not met, a promise unfulfilled, a goodie not delivered. That is where forgiveness comes in. It has nothing to do with your personal assessment of the other person being or not being worthy of forgiveness. It has everything to do with your holding something against someone. Forgiveness aims at that inner dynamic.

Expect nothing from the world and its conditions and the people that seem to inhabit it. But hold nothing against it, either. Accept everything as it comes, as it presents itself into your field; accept all people as they come, as they manifest in your field. Be curious, be interested, and above all, be open and willing to listen. Do not assume or expect. Be free of preconceptions, expectations, judgments and opinions. They have a way of interposing veils and filters between you and reality, obscuring your view.

Be Free

Be grateful for each and everything, each and every person, even if they seem to rub you the wrong way. They are not rubbing you the wrong way. To you it may seem like they are, but they’re not. The feeling you get is simply telling you that there is a veil or filter active in your field that keeps you from seeing clearly. That veil has to do with the fact that you are holding something against something or someone. You are expecting something that is not forthcoming, you feel slighted or mistreated, etc. Whatever it is, that is what is making you feel the way you do and not some situation or someone’s action. See that and be free. When forgiveness has caused the filters of misconception to fall away, you are free to experience the present moment as it is and it will embrace you in benevolence, generosity and abundance.

Love and forgiveness

Sometimes you may feel disconnected from love and love appears far away. Know this: love is instantly available through forgiveness. For what is forgiveness, what does it do? Forgiveness is a correction in flow dynamics. You have been programmed to take your cues from the world ‘out there’. Forgiveness turns this around. With forgiveness you pro-actively tell the world to take its cue from you: you dismiss and pay no attention to whatever went on before, and, requiring nor expecting anything, you allow love to extend from the well inside of you to include each and everything that presents itself to you.

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  1. Thank you, Christine, for your comment.
    Today I added a thought on love and forgiveness that came to me in a recent session, see last paragraph.

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