Love Loves to Flow

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on how love loves to flow:

You are always in Love’s presence. You could not not be. Knowing this helps you remember to consciously turn towards the light and not look among shadowy veils. In Love’s presence you are continually receiving love; you are a conduit, that is your true nature. When you are not allowing love in, the flow halts and you do not experience yourself as who you are. When you allow receiving to happen you will quickly understand that flowing is part of that dynamic. Love, following its nature, flows and extends, and so your nature is to flow and extend: to receive and to give out. When you do not extend and give gladly and naturally, you become a  stagnant pool. Give gladly and willingly and feel the flow moving through you.

What do you recommend I give?

Anything. The idea is to get the flow moving. You might give on any of the levels of your being. Just begin somewhere. It might be your time, your undivided attention, your efforts, a donation of goods or money, etc. Above all: offer your love, benevolence, kindness, compassion, your generosity of spirit. In any given time and place, just take one extension that appeals to you and that seems to be fitting the situation. Once you feel the flow of love moving through you, the giving will naturally start to happen in any of the other levels as well.

Love Loves to Flow

In your giving, know what it is you are intending and doing: you are being who you truly are: love extending. You’re not being deliberately altruistic, noble or self-sacrificing. Love is who you are and love loves to flow. That’s all.

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