Changing Circumstances

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic records on changing circumstances:

In whatever circumstance you find yourself, stay calm and smile as much as you can. That will make it easier to shine the light of your presence on the situation you are in. Only when you are at peace with a given situation will you be able to move into a new situation in harmony. As long as you are resisting certain aspects of a situation, your focus will stay on those aspects and that focus keeps them in your experience. When you are able to be at peace with a situation and its various aspects, the light of your inner peace will allow them to leave your experience when they have delivered their message. For they represent mental content that still clings to you.

Those aspects of a situation that you find annoying are the very aspects that reveal to you what content is in need of your inner light. You could of course tear yourself away from a situation abruptly. But changing circumstances abruptly causes an emotional tidal wave because the change is not supported by changed mental content. Moreover, you will have to meet the same type of circumstances again. The reason for that is that your displeasure is not caused by any specific circumstance but by the mental content that is clinging to you and that is awakened by that circumstance. If that content no longer clings, the circumstance that was irritating before, no longer has the power to disturb your emotional balance. Then there is room for a harmonious, natural transition into a new situation. That transition will not take an inordinate amount of effort. You will more or less slide into it. And that new situation will have aspects that you have called towards yourself by your intentions.

Of course some situations call for an immediate change; do not stay in a situation that is dangerous or that keeps you in harm’s way. What we are talking about here is situations you have chosen to be in: relationships, work environment, place of residence. Those are the type of situations that lend themselves very well for deep work: the shining of your light on excess mental baggage.




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