Thoughts Are Like Clouds Passing By

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about thoughts that are like clouds passing by:

It is easy to get caught up in circumstances and in the thoughts they cause you to think about the past and the future. Your current life circumstances serve one purpose only: to invite you to bring your presence into the now. If that is hard to do or if you find yourself dreading doing so, then something is sticking to you: an opinion, a conviction, an unprocessed emotion like grief or fear or anger. Investigate what it might be that is sticking to you and keeping you from bringing your presence into the now. How? By being quiet and still. When? Now, in the present moment.

During meditation you will notice that thoughts will crowd into your mind. Thoughts are like clouds that are passing by. Do not fight them. Acknowledge their presence and let them go. Try to see and feel the space around the clouds; you will find yourself in that space. That is the field of the natural default setting in which divine impulses are continually welling up. Become familiar with that space by spending quiet time in silence and expectation of that spacious field in-between and beyond the thoughts.

In fact, the thoughts that are passing by like clouds are sign posts, indicating where not to look. Do not engage the cloud, but use it to enter the space around and beyond it.


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  1. This is something to reread and think about when I am watching the clouds. Wonderful. Thanks!

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