Shining Your Inner Light

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on shining your inner light:

Try to be present in a given situation at a given moment. When you are mindful of your presence in the here and now, the light that is within you can shine on that situation and the people involved. You will experience a connection with the string of energies that you are a part of, the string of energies that expresses as you in this place and time. Then you are no longer a form-entity that tries to connect to other form-entities. No, at that moment you are connected to a broader string of energies that, extending deeper and deeper towards to the source, is connected to everything. No one who comes into contact with you can fail to notice and experience that a connection at a deep level has been addressed and enacted, and they will respond from that deeper level. That is the miracle of Presence.

What do you mean with “Presence”?

This deeper connection enables you and everyone else to let go of your identification with form in 3D and it nudges you into focusing on love and its various aspects. That will make you feel good, because you are love. That is why, when someone is able to shine the light of their presence on a situation, the situation’s dynamic changes and with that the outcome in the world of form. Trying to achieve a change on the level of form takes a lot of effort and often engenders resistance, while the effects are temporary at best. Connecting by shining your inner light on a situation works miracles. Inconsistencies and contradictions can be let go of, creating space for the divine impulse to express. It is your function here in this space and time to allow the authentic impulse to express through you, through your presence. Therefore, when people sense that this function is being made accessible by someone, they will be drawn to that dynamic and allow it to guide them.

How do I shine the light of my presence on a situation?

There is no need to ‘do’ anything to make the light of your presence shine – it is a given. All you need is an inner willingness to allow it. Willingness is all that is needed. The way to call up this willingness is by taking a step to the side inwardly, putting your anxieties, preferred outcomes and worldly wisdom on hold for a moment. By doing that you prepare the way for the creative impulse to well up inside of you. It will work its wonders in the world of form and circumstances when you do. Each and every action that is not consciously rooted like this has a short life span, takes a lot of effort and will be met with resistance. The latter will lead to discussions, opinions and all kinds of drama, which will take all involved on a roller coaster ride through identification with form and mental constructs.

With each issue: go inward, step aside so that your inner light can shine in the here and now.

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it, to just step aside to let the inner light shine …

Yes, we know, it can be tricky. You are here in 3D and you find yourself immersed in all kinds of stories. Experiencing it all is part of the plan, after all. When you are able to step aside it may look like you are giving up this opportunity to experience it all. That is not the case. You are still in your first-row seat. The only difference is that you are no longer attached to everything that happens around you. The first-row seat was never meant to lock you into the drama, to cause you to identify with transient form. The first-row seat was meant to allow you to experience ‘everything’ up close.

What do you mean when you say ‘everything’? Phenomena in the world?

Yes, but remember that the world around you reflects what you hold within. Your first-row seat allows you to observe and experience how creative impulse wells up within and projects onto the canvas we call the world. You were never meant to have a stake in the world of appearances. When we talk about stepping aside we mean: giving up your stake and taking your place as observer of the creative impulse as it wells up within and expresses without. That is what connecting by shining your inner light means.



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