Dealing With Criticism

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about dealing with criticism:

I feel really troubled by a situation at work.

Yes, we can tell. It is partly caused by exhaustion, but also by spinning thoughts that you allow to have their way with you. Let them go, let the fly past. At moments like that it may help to find something practical to do, like ironing or cleaning out a closet, whatever. Find something to do with your hands, something that will distract you, so that this inner roller coaster will stop.

The person at work you were thinking about is close to despair. He is trying to keep a grip on his situation and part of that is an orderly agenda. When you asked to postpone your appointment, he responded in a way that was out of bounds from your perspective. The agenda change may have suddenly triggered his feeling of despair regarding the situation. Even though you feel for him, enveloped as he seems to feel in his particular circumstances, the quality of his response is not your business. Let the thoughts triggered by his message and criticism fly past you. Other people’s thoughts are not meant for you.

So why are they in my face?

Good question. Why are their thoughts in your field? Because you are resonating with the person and their thoughts somehow. And now it comes to dealing with criticism. Generally speaking, when criticism happens, it would be good for you to consciously express your intentions regarding the persons and situation involved. When you become clear about your own genuine intentions regarding the whole package two things can happen: one, the person and their critical remarks will disappear from your life; two, the criticism does no longer ‘hook’ you. In any case, through your improved alignment you no longer resonate with the quality of the remarks and they will no longer trip you up.

All right. My intention regarding the people I work with and this person in particular is to see them in their perfection, knowing that they are always doing their best in the context they are in. In addition, my intention is love and hope and encouragement. I’m afraid that in the case of this particular person I resented their actions and judged their behavior somehow. He is doing his utmost and the situation he is in at this moment is inviting him to overcome any limiting beliefs he may hold. My role is not to have an opinion, but to offer clarity. My role is not to interpret their situation for them, but to help them interpret it for themselves. I have no stake in their business; I am just willing to facilitate their understanding if they are open to receiving that help.

We believe that, with this set of intentions, you have a totally different stance when it comes to this relationship. It is inevitable that this new vantage point will yield new responses, or that the responses will no longer disturb you in the measure they did before. Criticism is an invitation to become clearer about your intentions. Dealing with criticism in this way helps you on your way.

Dealing With Criticism

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