The Empty Field

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about the empty field:

In some of the transcripts the term natural default setting is used. Please elaborate.

While you are writing intuitively you are drawing from the natural default setting. It is there that you can expect to receive information from us. Some call it ‘the empty field’. It is your natural habitat, and dwelling there is natural to you. All other fields are alien, all other fields are foreign to you, even though, in your current incarnation, they may seem more familiar. Your thinking mind may call it an ‘empty’ field. Why ’empty’?  Because it is free of constantly appearing and moving thoughts.

In the field of the natural default setting divine impulses well up from the source. In that sense the field of the natural default setting is not empty at all but full of potential and bubbling with energy. It is just that your thinking mind recognizes this ‘place’ as an empty field: empty of its distracting thoughts.

The Empty Field


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