Staying Connected

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about staying connected:

Sometimes I feel a certain restlessness regarding, well, regarding everything. So many things do not seem worthwhile and at other times I feel there are not enough hours in the day. Help!

This is simply unquestioned thinking. Whenever you feel this way, know that you have beliefs you are believing and not questioning. Any time you feel uneasy, be assured that it is excess baggage that is bothering you. Be thankful for that feeling. As you go along you will find that inner balance, feeling centered, is gradually becoming more important. Increasingly, you will be less able to tolerate any unquestioned thought that keeps excess baggage vibrating in your field, just as you will feel increasingly unable to be cut off from the inner stream, from your inner guidance. It is a transition towards more transparency, towards being a hollow reed that picks up and extends the vibrations of the natural default setting.

So be thankful for each and every symptom. They are all a sign or a signal to you that in that spot there is cleansing work to be done. Whether it is a craving (cut off from inner stream) or an uneasy feeling (unquestioned thoughts) or anything else in your life for that matter that you have projected onto the world out there. Try to identify what you are feeling exactly, describe the why and how and know that the information you then get will help you to clear away old tapes, as well as help you secure your inner connection.

Remember that ups and downs are part of this process. The ups will help you seize the opportunity before you and the downs will help you zoom into those aspects of your life that still need cleansing and refocusing.

Think in terms of mental building blocks. Anything you set your eyes and ears on, anything that you expose yourself to, anything you entertain for only the slightest moment, especially when it evokes a measure of emotional response, is a building block you are giving your mind to build with. Be judicious as to what you feed it. Do you want to feed it negativity, criticism, strife, competition, etc.? If not, then do not expose yourself to those types of vibrations. In order for you to be able to maintain the highest level of vibrations that you can, you will need to consciously keep yourself at the highest level by doing the inner work as stated above but also by keeping anything that interferes or deviates at bay.

A time will come when you will be like a sapling that will grow and flourish wherever it is planted. For now, nourish your inner connection and focus on staying connected.

Staying Connected
Staying Connected

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