Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on preferences:

Please comment on an earlier statement indicating that, while we are able to send a person to the moon we are mostly not able to be with ourselves in stillness and in quiet and be comfortable. You linked that to letting go of preferences. Please explain.

As soon as you let go of preferences it becomes easier to be comfortable within yourself. It is the projected preferences, projected onto 3D, that keep you from being in touch with yourself. You mistakenly think that those preferences are indicative of who you are, for they seem to distinguish you from the next person. And so you attach to your preferences, opinions, convictions, etc., and derive a sense of self out of that identification. But the opposite is true. You come into your own when you drop your preferences and rely completely on the life giving creative impulse within that is new and fresh in any given moment.

Won’t I feel cut off from my surroundings, won’t I feel isolated?

No, you won’t, don’t worry. It is your preferences (wishes, desires, hopes, etc.) for a specific outcome that keep you locked in 3D expression, while your true identity lies with the creative impulse. It is okay to wish, desire, imagine, etc. It is what keeps the stream inside flowing. You could not stop desires from welling up inside, because that is part of the creative process that you participate in, that you are.

The trap that most people fall into, however, is to then identify with their desire and with their idea of the preferred outcome. That is taking your identification one step too far, outside of what you are, so to speak. You are divine intention, you are creative impulse. The shape and form that that creative impulse might take at a given time is irrelevant as far as your identity goes. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy a given form or shape, of course you can. But remember, a given form is an expression, always, of the creative impulse that is at its core. And that is where your oneness with all aspects of creation is. It lies in the creative flow inside each and every manifestation.

When you focus on preferences too much, you become alienated from that oneness.

(Postscript: In Getting into Manifestation Zone, Richard Dotts introduces a model that helps you focus on the spiritual impulse within.)


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