My Problems Have Been Solved

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records regarding lesson 80 of A Course In Miracles: “Let me recognize that my problems have been solved.”

Even though, while still in time, you seem to be having to go through the motions of all kinds of problems, fact is that they have been solved. Your only problem is an obscured view of reality that is glorious as it is and as it unfolds.

What causes the obscured view?

Your misconceptions.

What causes a misconception?

A grievance. When you can let your grievance go through forgiveness, you will no longer be subject to the impact of misconceptions and your view of reality clears. The un-awakened mind will entertain grievances towards all kinds of people and things: partner, family members, friends, neighbors, politicians, political parties, society, traffic, countries and their leaders, the world, and on and on. Lots of different focal points which will make you believe it is a different problem each and every time. It isn’t. It is always a grievance: someone or something should behave or act differently in order for you to feel better. The mind even uses grievances towards itself or to your own growth as it focuses on your so called flaws, saying you should behave or act differently in order to be happy. It is a grievance, it is something you are holding up in front of the light and because of that you are seeing a distortion of reality.

How do I stop it?

By recognizing that somewhere in you a grievance is somehow being allowed to interfere with the unencumbered flow of spiritual impulse, which from our perspective is reality unfolding. So do not become sad or torn, simply acknowledge that this is what has happened. The solution is: find the spaciousness, stillness and silence inside and let go of all preconceived notions in order to truly see. As long as you focus your energy on finding out what the grievance is specifically, you will be stuck in it. So do not tire yourself by trying to get a handle on the grievance. Acknowledge that, apparently, a grievance is allowed to interfere and ask to be relieved of it. Then find the joy in the stillness, silence and spaciousness of your being. A time will come – and you will know when that time is there – when you will understand the grievance and its dynamics and when you do it will fall away definitively. Until that time do not feed it, but replace it.

My problems have been solved

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