The Inner Light

Exchange with the guardians of my records about the inner light:

In an earlier post you talked about the light of someone’s presence. Please explain the relationship between the inner light and a consciously adopted spiritual intention.

Everyone always holds the light in them. The inner light is obscured by excess baggage and old tapes. During the time that you have not yet been able to release all of your ballast (and this holds for most people) you can use a spiritual intention to establish a spiritual field around you. Then it will be as if you did not have that ballast and you are aligning to the light within. Your focus on a spiritual intention (be it freedom, harmony, peace or beauty, to name just a few) will allow this. It is the alignment with the light of the field of the natural default setting where all authentic, spiritual impulses well up. Once you have identified with a spiritual impulse, whether through alignment with the natural default setting or through the setting of a spiritual intention in a given situation, the light in you will shine unencumbered.

Everyone is always on the look out for the light inside as well as in those they come into contact, even though most people may not be aware of that. When you are able to consciously call forth and align with a spiritually charged field you will draw others to the light of that field. Whatever it is that you happen to be doing at that moment, whether it be pottery, teaching, shopping, running, etc., other people will want to join you in order to take part in the field with its shining light.

The Inner Light

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