Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on depression:

Please comment on the reason why so many people suffer from depression.

Depression has to do with a mind being allowed to project on its own without any proper guidance as to what works and what does not work.

What do you mean ‘works / does not work’?

The mind is a tool that needs to be applied towards something; the mind itself is not the end goal. So when it is operative, and it is always in operation because that is part of what the mind is, it looks for something to focus on. When left to its own devices, your mind will focus on any of the thoughts that wander by and will invest in those. The longer your mind is associated with a given thought, the more you will start to believe that that thought is part of reality, part of the truth, and the more you will start to identify with it. Before long you will see yourself as a person with a certain set of opinions and convictions. Finally, that set of convictions is given the power to define who you are, including its delineations and boundaries. Allowing your mind to work like this leaves you with a limited and very separate sense of identity.

Your mind is a tool and as such stands at the service of creation. You, as a soul, are part of creation, and so your mind is an instrument in your hands. When you allow or direct the mind to focus on creative impulses originating within you – such as love, compassion, peace, freedom, to name just a few – your mind will invest in those impulses and extend and expand them. The longer your mind is allowed to focus on creative impulses the more you will start to see and experience yourself as love, compassion, peace, freedom or any other creative quality. Since creative impulses, by nature, are expansive and inclusive, this identification brings connection and happiness.

So, if I understand correctly, depression is a call to redirect my mind?

Depression has to do with the focus of your mind. The mind is always ready and eager to go to work and it is always ready and eager to follow direction. What do you set it to work on? When your mind is allowed to focus on random thoughts and unchecked opinions and convictions, your sense of self will reflect the characteristics that those opinions and convictions bring: division, separation. When your mind is allowed to focus and expand on creative impulse, a person’s sense of self will reflect the characteristics of creative impulse: inclusiveness, joy and love.

Could you say that depression is the result of experiencing yourself as separate from the rest of creation?

Yes, anything in the 3D world that will alleviate this sense of being separate or cut off will alleviate the symptoms of depression. That could be partnership, friendship or a pet. Ultimately, it is the recognition that you are all connected to the world beyond, you each have your connection to your bigger energy stream, to your higher self, to your guides and guardians. Prior to that revelation dawning, a person may be helped by other proofs of connection like friendship, a pet, immersion in nature, etc. Very often people will flee into busy-ness and projects or medication in order to escape the pain. Ultimate relief and healing is found in the realization, inwardly, that you are integrally and intricately connected to the whole of creation and thus to all its expressions.

Abraham-Hicks on the effect of the mind’s focus:

Have you accomplished your point of attraction deliberately or by default? Have you prepared the climate or atmosphere around you by deliberately meditating; by quieting your mind; by looking for thoughts that feel good; by making lists of things that please you? Or is your point of attraction a knee-jerk response to something someone else said; or to something you are observing around you? What is the reason for your point of attraction? Why are you thinking the thoughts that you are thinking? Are you doing it on purpose? Or are you doing it by default?

—Abraham, excerpted from: North Los Angeles, CA on February 22, 2014


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