Listening to the Body

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on listening to the body:

In an earlier session you suggested I listen to my body, being attentive to what it needs at any given time.

Yes, each and every person is unique. Every body-soul combination is unique, and so is yours. When you learn to listen to the signals of your body and follow up on what you think you are picking up, then you will get better at interpreting the signals. You will become more sensitive to the signals. The signals are always there, do not worry about that. It is a matter of allowing the signals in your awareness.

Upon awakening your receiving ability has not yet been distracted or disturbed by the impressions of the day. You will see that in the morning it is easiest to feel what your body needs. When you are deciding on breakfast, ask your body what it would like. Sometimes that may be just a drink. Follow your intuition closely. Do not let your mental agenda override the information that you receive from your body, just because it seems more important.

Isn’t the mind’s agenda more important than the body’s agenda?

Each has their place, but not at the expense of the other. Each has a margin that allows you to be flexible. However, make sure you do not over-use or stretch that margin too much. In your case, the mind’s agenda (goals, expectations) is usually at the top. When all the items on the mental list have been crossed off, only then are you willing to listen to your body.

How can I change that?

Whenever you can, start your day at a leisurely pace, finding a balance among the various signals you receive from your mind and your body. Let them work together. You will become better at it with practice.

Listening to the Body

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