What would be my best attitude regarding opposing opinions on various issues with people I care about?

What about opinions is bothering you?

I sometimes feel I have to defend my point view or perhaps have to learn to see things from the perspective of another person?

Why would you have to change your view? It is perfectly all right for two people to have opposing views. That is part of the beauty of relationships. People in happy relationships manage so well because of their differing viewpoints. That way there are always fresh, new vibes finding their way into their interface. How boring it would be if they always agreed.

On the other hand, opinions are the walls that people build to protect their excess baggage. We would like to see you shed all excess baggage instead of protecting it. Allow yourself to not have an opinion about a matter and you will fare much better.

When someone voices an opinion, you could reply by saying: “Is that so? How interesting. I have never looked at it that way.” And just let it sit there. Do not oppose or object, do not judge or condemn, do not agree or disagree. Simply be the agent that lets the other person experience their voiced opinion and love them for who they are. Love them completely, irrespective of the opinion they have just voiced. That is all. Take it lightly.


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