Seeking Approval

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about seeking approval:


I feel a bit off today.

You are having trouble focusing, and that’s okay. Not all days are the same. Whenever you need to, rub your hands together and remember that our light is enveloping you from head to toe. There is no reason to feel rushed, just settle down. Easy does it.

We can sense your anxiety as to the validity of this stream of information. Think of Edgar Cayce. He would lie down and be not aware of what was being channeled through him. What dedication and trust that must have required: to each day, time and again, lie down and surrender to the stream of information coming from the Akashic Records, that was quite a feat. No ego-boost in that at all.

If we may expand on your uneasiness a little. You are looking for approval to come to you from the outside, whereas the world originates on the inside. You are the source of your reality. Approval from the outside may come to you but it is always dependent on the approval you find within. There the supply of approval does not dry up, it extends and extends. You are the initiator of vibes, always, and the world you see is like a collection of objects that bounces the vibes back to you so you can see what you are building. If some aspect in your reality is distressing, it means you are building with distressing vibes.

Distressing is a strong term. I feel a certain restlessness regarding, well, regarding everything. So many things do not seem worthwhile, just so much grist for the mill, and at other times I feel there are not enough hours in the day. Help!

This is simply unquestioned thinking. Whenever you feel this way, know that you have beliefs you are believing and not questioning. Do the Byron Katie work. Any time you feel uneasy, know that it is excess baggage that is bothering you. Be thankful for that feeling. This is part and parcel of the transition you are making. You can tolerate less and less any unquestioned thought that keeps excess baggage vibrating in your field, just as you can tolerate less and less being cut off from the inner stream. It is a transition towards more transparency, towards being the hollow reed that you vowed to be. So be thankful for each and every symptom. They are all a sign or a signal to you that in that spot there is cleansing work to be done. Whether it is a craving (cut off from inner stream) or an uneasy feeling (unquestioned thoughts) or anything else in your life for that matter, projected onto the world out there. Try to identify what you are feeling exactly, describe the why and how and know that the information you then get will help you to erase old tapes, as well as help you secure your inner connection.

Remember that ups and downs are part of this process. The ups will help you seize the opportunity before you and the downs will help you zoom in to those aspects of your life that still need cleansing and refocusing.

Sjaak greenpurpleleaves

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