Beyond the World of Form

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

Good morning. Thank you for allowing me to consult with you again. How should we proceed?

Good morning. Feel the focus, feel the slight tingling in your hands. Know that we are here and are shining our light on you. You are enveloped in our light. All we ask is a willingness to be guided from within. There is no coercion in this process. There are no directives. This is you reaching out to your roots, your feeding ground. You wouldn’t blame a plant for sucking up the water and the nutrients from the earth in which it is planted. That is the whole idea of plants growing. So it is with you. The whole idea is for you to be in this physical environment and find your way.

People tend to get busy and occupied and then they repeat their experiences with this and with that endlessly. They are caught in loops. The idea is to understand that the world as you see it is your stage, as Shakespeare rightly said. It is a stage on which to become aware of the nourishment coming through your roots, rather than from some outside source. Often people refer to spirituality as spacey or pink clouds. It is far better to think of spirituality in terms of roots, firmly grounded in the earth. That is a far more helpful image. The whole idea behind this experience in 3D is to bring spiritual nourishment in this environment. Let me explain.

There is the earth and all its organisms and then there is the world, which is the man-made environment in all its aspects. The earth with its mineral, plant and animal kingdoms was set on a natural course of evolution. It is there for all to behold and enjoy. Then there is the world, the man-made environment, consisting of all the material manifestations of man’s presence (cities, roads, etc.) and all the mental agreements, rules, laws, etc. As long as a person on this earth and in this world is primarily concerned with form, they are trapped in loops. You can only free yourself of the endless loops of which the working of the world consists, by detaching from form. The only way to detach from form is to understand that your roots and your nourishment come from elsewhere. From where? From within. As you are now experiencing.

Earlier you spoke about the mind being an instrument, that builds with whatever it is given. It is up to me to give it something useful to build with, or it will rehash old ideas and old news, projecting those as current reality in front of me. Please provide any other information if you feel that would be helpful at this time.

Yes, the mind is an instrument. It builds using whatever blocks are provided. As long as a person is identified with form, they will offer the mind form-blocks and the mind will build with those as skillfully as it is able. However, building with form-blocks keeps the mind in the past, in the known world, keeping you locked in loops. The idea is to give the mind inspirational blocks to build with. Those inspirational blocks have nothing to do with form, they are pure spirit: love, joy, freedom, peace, harmony, etc. They come from a realm beyond what is known to the mind, and there is an endless supply of those blocks. To access those blocks you have to direct your focus on their source: inner guidance. When you take your cue from the outside world of form, you will project repeat versions of things that already exist. When you take your cue from the inside world of intentions, you will help extend new fields of energy, opening up new possibilities beyond the world of form. That is the only way to free yourself from form.

You also spoke of a turn-around that is required as far as the purpose of the mind goes. Any other comments would be appreciated.

The mind, as an instrument, just is what it is: an instrument. Its purpose is to build. Its purpose is not to think of itself as a separate entity able of living a life of its own. That is not what it was made for and it will not do a very good job at it. Whenever you feel sad or angry or resentful or even just slightly off: know that this is a sign your mind has been given room to assert itself as a separate entity and it is building with blocks on its own accord, offering you its rehashed forms as your reality. Any feeling that is not entirely positive should signal you to give the mind some inspirational blocks to build with. You can do that by retreating in your inner self, by experiencing the stillness of body, the silence of mind and the spaciousness of being in meditation (Awakening the Luminous Mind, by Tenzin Wnagyal Rinpoche) .

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