Mind Is the Builder

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about “Mind is the Builder”:

Earlier we spoke about acting on inner guidance. Please offer additional insights if you think that would be helpful at this time.

Mind is the builder. It is an instrument for information processing, that is what it was made to do. It is not supposed to live a life of its own, as is the case so very often and is the case with you still to a large degree.

Please elaborate, I’m not sure I get that.

Well, in the every day world the mind is used to navigate daily life, to assess situations in order to plan and adjust, to facilitate. The mind builds with what it sees in front of it. It is a very powerful instrument. No more, no less. That it is ‘no less’ than that, is proven by all that a mind can do when put to work at a certain task. It will carry out whatever it is set to do. By whom? By any initiating aspect that comes into its sphere.

Initiating aspect?

Anything that has the power to create vibrations. That the mind is ‘no more’ than a very powerful instrument that builds, is proven by the fact that it can only use information that it has at its disposal. By the very nature of its innate character it can only build with what it is given. If it is given no new, creative impulse it will build from what it knows and thus will build, perhaps in slightly different appearance, what it has built before, repeating its steps.

Think of the repetitiveness of much of the actual building of homes that you are familiar with. In a way that is okay when it suits the purpose of providing roofs over people’s heads. But for a new type of building to come into existence the builder – mind – needs an architect who avails him/herself of the creative spark that only she/he, the architect, can provide. When that happens, the builder – your mind – has new information to work with and will build something unique on the basis of that new information.

Mind is the builder. Of itself the mind cannot generate new information. It can rehash and combine and project those vibrations, but it cannot create entirely new concepts, new blueprints. That is the job of the creative spark present in a person, as it is present in each and every aspect of nature. And so we come to the much talked about natural default setting of all creative points of expression. Each point of expression is fed, nourished and nurtured by its creative spark. To the degree that the mind is allowed to project vibrations on top of this, to that degree will the mind compromise the workings of creation.

Now, when it comes to readying the mind for the process of receiving new, creative impulses from within, a turn-around is required as far as the purpose of the mind goes. It is the builder that builds, it is not the thinker-upper that thinks up thoughts. It cannot do that, even though that is what people tend to think it does best. And so they allow the mind to jump on each and every thought that crosses their mind, thinking they thought it up themselves. And there are a zillion thoughts out there that have the potential to cross your mind. You only have to watch the news or browse the internet for your mind to munch on all kinds of data in order to rehash, combine and, yes, start building. The idea here is to give your mind its proper job back: building with new, fresh ideas. And where are these new and fresh ideas? Right, they are inside of you, given to you through the connection you have with the natural default setting within.

Earlier we talked about how dreading future events brings negativity into the present moment. You indicated that those types of projections are as much in need of release as are attachments to past issues. They’re all excess baggage that obscures the free reception of the good and the lovely that is available now. How do I best deal with this tendency?

It is part of the turn-around that is in progress. In your case the mind has fewer and fewer items related to attachment from past occurrences to build with. Your cleansing and releasing has removed many of those building blocks. In the present moment you are aware to some degree of the futility of the show the world puts on, to the extent that you see the repetitiveness and the loops that are constantly occurring. So what else does your mind have to build with, other than imagined future feelings? You will have to give your mind something to occupy it, to keep it happy, or it will build on its own projections, as you are experiencing right now.

So what do I do when that happens?

Become aware of this dynamic. As soon as you start dreading a future occurrence, become aware of the fact that this dreading is something the mind is building because it has no other building blocks at that moment. It is up to you to provide it with building blocks that will build towards something else. And that is where intentions come in. Intentions help greatly in providing the mind with building blocks that do not use old information. (After all, a dreaded thought about something in the future is based on old outcomes that the mind is familiar with.) Retrain your mind to no longer engage in rehashing and combining old thoughts. The natural default setting provides enough impulses to keep the mind occupied, there is no need to worry. The thing for you to do now is to redirect your mind consciously, from feeding on old thoughts to feeding on new inspirations.

As soon as you become aware of dreading something, know that this is your mind engaged in rehashing old facts. It has nothing to do with the future occurrence, nothing whatsoever. Mind is the builder and it has looked for and found something to chew on. Intercept that process by giving your mind an intention that is in harmony with the natural default setting: something good and lovely, something peaceful, harmonious and joyful. These qualities are available to you at all times. It just takes a conscious effort on your part to redirect your mind in order for it to start building on that basis. It will be happy to. The mind doesn’t really mind (no pun intended) what building blocks it is given, as long as it can build.

Is anything else you would like to share at this point?

Regarding the building blocks provided by the natural default setting: if you look at the physical world, nature, fauna and flora, you can see what we mean. In the case of the physical human body this works the same to a large degree; just look at the workings of your body from conception to physical maturity, to the daily tasks it fulfills without protest. People live their physical lives on the basis of the natural default setting.

Regarding your mind and spirit, that is where the powerful mind has been given – or has taken – more room than intended. Unlike the flora and fauna around you, a person is able to consciously tune into the creative impulses emanating from the natural default setting and put his/her mind to building with the blocks provided by those impulses. Everything is possible when that happens. As long as the mind is focused on itself and has not been redirected to use the blocks provided by the natural default setting, a person’s free will is bound, the person’s mind rehashing and combining old thoughts. Mind is the builder; it builds with what a person sets before it. Free will has to do with free and new ideas that spring from the natural default setting. It has nothing to do with combining and rehashing old news, the latter being the domain of what many call ‘the ego’. When the ego is active, it means that the mind is in charge and is building with blocks it is familiar with and the will of the person is bound by the old news those blocks represent. The entire complex of dynamics is the mind working on its own behalf, living its own repetitive life, deciding for you what life experience you are having. Therefore, supply and nourish it constantly with creative intentions. Mind is the builder and will build with what you provide for it.

(When Edgar Cayce said: “Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, the Physical is the Result”, he acknowledged the crucial role the mind plays in the process of creation.)

Mind is the Builder

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