Form, Thought and Emotion

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on thought, form and emotion:

Lesson 20 of A Course in Miracles: “I am determined to see.” What is required to drop everything that is obstructing my view?

It requires a gentle introspective focus, where you question any thought that isn’t entirely happy and joyful. Just like Byron Katie explains in her book “A Thousand Names for Joy”. She says: “I love my thoughts and when I find a stressful thought I question it.” That’s the way of it. Love your thoughts, see and enjoy the space between them, and whenever you come upon a thought that is not entirely pleasing and joy-giving, question it. Simply know that no thought is true.

You mean, there isn’t a thought in the whole wide world that is true?

Exactly, no thought is true, for truth is far beyond thoughts. Thoughts can only aspire to pointing at the truth, but they are never the whole truth. Thoughts are crutches in a way . You think you need them in order to progress. You don’t. They can be useful in a practical sense and we would encourage anyone to deal appreciatingly with their thoughts.

In addition, thoughts do not belong to a person, even though people may believe they do due to their thinking them. Just like a radio picks up radio waves, people pick up thoughts that are floating by. When lots of people are picking up the same thought, they tend to take that commonality as proof that the thought is true. It’s not. It never is.

What about Cayce’s statement that thoughts are things?

They are things in the sense that they are mental building blocks with which 3D has been created and is continuing to be being built. But they are not the only building blocks. Or the most efficient ones. At best they assist the pure impulses that originate in the natural default setting, in the field of all that is good and lovely.

So, why do we have thoughts at all?

Indeed, why do you? They are not necessary from our point of view. Thoughts and words are crystallizations of energy. Operating within 3D you are accustomed to working with these crystallizations as they complement 3D-form rather nicely, they go together well from a technical, constructive point of view. It is the energy that is at the basis of each thought that holds the power and direction, the flavor and the scent. Ideally, the energy is pure creative impulse. However, as we have discussed before, the creative impulse is often compromised by mental content that a person has not been able to let go of and which therefore projects alongside the impulse, thereby creating a confused, less than pure, result.

What about emotions and feelings? Are they building blocks as well?

Yes, they are. They lie deeper in a person’s psyche and extend into the world of thoughts where the two intermingle and reinforce each other.

Could we do without emotions, just as we could do without thoughts?

Yes. This is hard for you to understand and imagine. As an analogy think of the alphabet and the printed word as thoughts, think of paint and paintings and photographs as emotions. Within 3D they are all very useful and have their rightful place. But beyond them, at the basis of them, is an idea, a concept, a vision. So it is with thoughts and emotions and feelings. Beyond the field of thoughts and emotions is a field of energy where they – thoughts and emotions – originate and spring from. In a way, emotions and thoughts translate part of that energy field into 3D terms.

3D is a collection of stories held together by identification, which in turn are reinforced by thoughts that people cling to turning them into beliefs and convictions, as well as emotions and feelings to which they have let themselves become accustomed to or under whose spell they have allowed themselves to come. And now we are back where we started: what is required to drop the veil that is clouding your view? Identification with form, thought and emotion.

Thought, form and emotion

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