Exchange with the guardians of my records on projection:

Earlier you spoke about attunement to the field of the good and lovely, as opposed to attaching to a story. Please add any comments if you feel that would be helpful.

Everything about you, from your body, your mental state/emotional state to your circumstances, everything is the result of the active vibrations in your field. How could it be different?

If everything is expressing purely from the spiritual intentions of love and joy and harmony then everything about you, your body, your emotional/mental state and your circumstances, will reflect that. Then all is good with the world. When issues are allowed to project through you then their vibes show up as disturbances, as pain, as suffering, as negativity, etc. Their presence – their projection – is an indication that you are not perceiving creation as it is being intended, but that conflicting vibes are active and there is release work to be done. A clue as to what type of content needs releasing is found in the spot where the disturbance is felt. The more sensitive a person is regarding active vibes the more they will want to keep those vibrations pure.

Is there an order in which conflicting vibes express?

They originate in the mind that incorrectly thinks it is a separate entity. They are present there and can be felt as emotional disturbance. When not identified as such and rectified (through release of excess mental baggage) they are then allowed to continue on their projected path into physical reality. As they are of mental origin they may be felt in the interfacing between people: strife, arguments, resentments, etc. In addition, the body may pick up on the vibes and its working can be compromised. So the order of expression is on the mental level first, and then, as a projection, in the physical: both circumstances and body. The way to pull back your projections is always on the mental level. If you pick up on a disturbance on the mental level before it manifests on the physical level, all the better for you. If you don’t, you will have to ‘read’ the disturbance when it manifests in the physical level: circumstance or body.

Is the body closer or is the circumstance closer? In other words, could one read one’s stage in this process of pulling back projections by the place in which disturbances manifest?

There is not a set rule, but usually the unease of results of an underlying vibration becomes most acute in dramatic situations, be they a circumstance or a health issue. The less dramatic (situation or health) the farther one has come in terms of releasing excess baggage. Bear in mind with this that the severity of the disturbance is not an objective determination. If someone has a disease or lives with disharmony and it is not a problem for them, then we would not say that they are in a dramatic situation. It depends on how a person feels about it, whether it bothers them a lot or not. The less they are bothered by it, the closer they are to arriving at their natural default setting. The vibes created by the resistance are the ones that interfere most.


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