The Next Best Step

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records on the next best step:

In an earlier exchange you explained that each and every new moment has in it all the resources and more that I need to live it fully and joyously. Any additional information would be very welcome.

That is exactly right. Remember that day last summer when you were having a drink at the elegant restaurant overlooking the lake? Then the two ladies arrived in their swim attire, remember that? You were struck by the inappropriateness of dress, by their lack of refinement in this otherwise elegant place and beautiful surroundings. Know though, that this was as it was supposed to be. They were at their own leading edge of evolvement and their visiting the restaurant the way they did was the next best step for them. Your opinion did not change that one bit. To the degree that you projected your negative vibes, you were interfering with their path. It is best to keep your opinions and your vibes to yourself.

Each and every time you tend to criticize someone, stop yourself in your tracks and remember: this is the next best step for them. For it is, as are yours for you. People are always engaged in their next best step. Even when to you it seems like they are repeating themselves, well, each of those repeats is the next best step, until something else announces itself as their next best step. It is a natural certainty that you can count on to work at all times for everybody.

We talked about major occurrences in people’s lives having been set up by all involved prior to them happening. Is there any other information on this that you think would be helpful at this time? Please share.

There are no accidents. Before incarnating souls have a sense of the next best steps they could take, be they fortunate happenings or unfortunate happenings as you would interpret them. It doesn’t matter. These happenings are agreed upon in advance. All of a person’s previous experiences have prepared them for the place where they are now. If they signed up for a dramatic occurrence it is because they know they will benefit from being part of that occurrence. There is no need to feel sorry for anyone, there is no need to feel oppressed by so called negative developments in society or anywhere else. Things develop the way they do because people find in those developments opportunities to explore the next best step. No need to have opinions. Just think to yourself that they are actively involved in taking their next best step. Offer your help, offer your example, whatever it is that you are moved to do, but not because you feel sorry.

You talked about politics and policies and how they automatically and naturally reflect the quality of the field of the people they represent. Please elaborate if additional information would be helpful at this time.

The idea is that a government expresses the dominant qualities present in the field of a people. It is no use to point at this or that politician and blame him or her for this or that. It is mistaking the physical result for an initiating pulse. The initiative is always on the spiritual, inner level of a person, an institute or a people. In the world we often see that the extension of the initial spiritual vibration is compromised by mental content that has not been released by the person, the institution or the people. And so you get this mixed result. But it is exactly this mixed result that the person, the institution or the people then use as their platform to take their next best step. This is usually an incremental process: little steps at a time. Only occasionally do we find a major change in expression that occurs when enough energy has been building without it expressing in small ways.


the next best step

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