Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records about fatigue:

In an earlier exchange you talked about the benefit of taking short breaks during the day, and, on a larger scale, taking occasional longer breaks, such as a retreat of several or more days. Please add any information that would be helpful at this moment.

Yes, slowing down occasionally is very important. People tend to identify that need with advancing age. That is true of course, but viewed from the spiritual perspective , its parallel if you will, the need to slow down relates to the increased need for quiet time. Even if you are extremely active and engaged in the world as a person who is aware of their spiritual nature, the more you are aware of that, the more you need quiet time alone. If you just let advancing age dictate your behavior, those quiet moments can become very lonely and filled with resentment. If you take these moments as physical signs that there is a spiritual need, these moments become your fill-up time and you will start to look forward to them. A young person fills up on experiences and impressions, an older person fills up on inner nourishment. In the earth young and old are time indications. In the spiritual world there is no young and old. These indications point to various stages that people tend to go through. Their timing could be reversed as sometimes it is. There is no age. proceed.

Any information that would help me see the demands of my work in the light of increased need for quiet, alone, time would be very welcome.

We will not decide for you. The only thing we can do is offer you some perspectives that will help you weigh your options. In all these types of decisions balance is a key word. With a changing inner landscape the need arises for a changed outer landscape. If you are generally operating from the natural default setting the first one (inner landscape: mental state) naturally flows into the latter (outer landscape: circumstances). There is no need to plan or scheme or specify expectations. If your present moments are lived from the natural default setting your future present moments will be supremely and sublimely prepared. So there you have it, back to here and now and to releasing old stuff and calling on the field of the natural setting where each and every spiritual quality stands at the ready to be activated. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and it is given. proceed. Today you have what it takes to live today and tomorrow it will be the same. You can trust that. If today you find yourself scrambling for resources and worrying about possible future situations, then for sure, you will have to scramble and worry a bit more tomorrow. Let today be sufficient unto itself. You cannot live on yesterday’s manna. The Lord cares for the birds in the sky and the lilies in the field. He would not care for you?

Why do I feel so fatigued at times? Is that lack of sleep or lack of quiet time?

Abraham Hicks states that any feeling of fatigue or even tiredness has to do with resistance. That is true. And we would like to shed some extra light on that: resistance in the sense of being stuck in a thought that attaches to aspects of past circumstances, which blocks the flow in the present moment. It is all really quite simple once you get the picture. Each and every new moment has in it all the resources and more that you need to live it fully and joyously. If you could grasp that idea, it would be very helpful, not just to you, but to every single person alive on this earth.

That begs the question: what exactly is living fully and joyously, how do you do that? The answer to that question is based on the perception of who you believe you are, on your sense of identity. As soon as you know that you are in essence a hollow reed through which the music of the universe would play its music, then whenever you are able to let those notes be played in and through you, you will be answering to the purpose for which you exist. It is experiencing this purposefulness that envelops a person in a field of joy and all things good and lovely. As soon as you have another agenda, the ego’s agenda or somebody else’s, you are out of touch with authentic purpose, you tend to see problems in the past, problems in the future and problems in the now. And that is the perspective you will carry with you in the next moment and the next, etc.

A simple analogy will illustrate this. An airplane was made to fly in order to transport people and goods through the air. Now, only a slight change of perspective will have it think is should be used to transport people and goods by way of the road. Now it is bound to run into trouble. Trouble in the past (why was I made to be so clumsy, etc.), in the present (how do I deal with this roundabout I’m on), in the future (how do I cross the river?). A change of mind is needed, a reset. Jesus said: repent. That’s the same thing. A total change in understanding of the initial idea that created the airplane: knowing what it was made to do and engaging in that activity. Then the resources will be there (airports, traffic control, fuel supply etc.). Like that airplane, you will be able to soar by embracing the purpose for which you were created: as a conduit of divine energy.

Through the body you currently occupy you have the opportunity to direct that energy into 3D life, into matter. To enjoy that position to the utmost you would need to be aware of what your role is while in this body. A Course in Miracles talks about the communicative role for the body – as opposed to the roles the ego has assigned to it – namely: to offer forgiveness. Forgiveness is something you can actively do to help yourself become a hollow reed that allows the divine impulses of the natural default setting to extend and be made manifest (which would be the airplane in the analogy). Forgiveness implies that there are no obstacles, no attachments or opinions that would obscure the extension of intentions originating in spirit. Forgiveness supports the natural default setting of you and of anyone you contact.


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