Christmas Message

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

Please offer appropriate thoughts for this time of the year, Christmas, when so many people would like to be in touch with the deeper meaning of life and are looking beyond the rat race and the craze of the day in order to find it.

What we see happening is that people are trying to get in touch with the inner creative flow through an outward agent: the Season’s celebrations. They look to gatherings, to family and friends, to gift-giving, in order to find inner alignment.

They have it backwards. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, it cannot be found in outer circumstances. Achieve inner alignment first, and then your loved ones will benefit from your natural joy. Then, in sharing joy among you, you increase the flow together.

Naturally, when being around people you love and hold dear, your feel your spirits lifted and you tend to pick up on the inner state of mind of each other. At Christmas time, because of the slight shift in focus from the outer to the inner world, and because of the company of loved ones, alignment often actually happens. And then people start to associate the time of year and the specific company with feeling joyful. Christmas becomes their aligning agent.

We would say: seek your stillness, your silence, your spaciousness inside first – “But seek ye first his kingdom” – get in touch with the natural default setting by letting go of any and all old baggage whose vibration might interfere, and feel the joy your alignment brings. Then whether it is Christmas time or not, whether you are among family and friends or not, you will feel joyful. Rather than expecting the joy to come to you from the Season or from loved ones, you will be the bringer of joy, you will be the Christ born unto them.

Sjaak madonna

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