The Body Mirrors your Inner World

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records regarding how the body mirrors your inner world:

Several sources (like Louise Hay on her website’s health page) talk about how the body mirrors your inner world, in the sense that any mind-content that is not fully enlightened will reflect in the body as a symptom or illness. Please comment.

This takes us back to the natural default setting. When there are no encumbrances the mind is naturally aligned with the good and the lovely, as explained before. Intentions start at the spiritual level, then extend outward into the mental level and lastly into the physical level. When a quality such as harmony is intended, as part of the natural default setting in the spiritual realm, it will filter down into the mental level and the physical level as harmony in a suitable form that is appropriate for the given situation, provided its vibrations on the way down are not compromised by the vibes of other intentions.

By vibes of other intentions we mean the excess baggage that people tend to lug around with them, that they have become attached to and haven’t let go: old hurts, past expectations, old drama, etc. That content vibrates along with the pure vibrations of harmony (or peace, or justice, etc.) and compromises its expression. This can be felt in circumstances and occurrences, or it can be felt in the body. When a person is committed to keeping their relationships pure and supportive it is not very likely that an interference will manifest there; their commitment to harmonious relationships safeguards the free and pure extension of the vibes of the original spiritual spark. In that case any interfering vibes will manifest in an area where the commitment to harmony is less prevalent, such as the person’s body.

It doesn’t matter too much where the conflicting energies manifest, body or circumstance; whenever an expression (a situation, a condition) feels less than good and lovely, then conflicting vibrations are at work. The situation is resonating to more than one type of vibration. Any mind content that is not fully enlightened (in the sense that Your Light has not yet shone on it fully) will project into physicality, be it health or circumstances. The way you realize that conflicting energies are expressing is through the feelings that the expression is generating.Pure harmony elicits the feeling of pure joy and peace. Whenever a situation or condition does not elicit pure joy, it is a sign that other content is interfering and co-projecting, thereby compromising the pure expression of spiritual qualities. There are several ways to remedy this.

  1. Think of something joyful to interrupt your negative emotion/thinking. This would offer short term relief and would set the stage for more joyful living in the long run.
  2. Try and ‘read’ the disturbing expression to have an indication of the mental content that is in need of enlightenment and release.
  3. Work on the three S’s: Stillness of body, Silence of speech and Spaciousness of being (see “Awakening the Luminous Mind” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche). Whenever you are engaged in meditation excess baggage will come up in order to be released after having been acknowledged.
  4. Spiritual/psychological study that will support you in staying alert regarding the releasing of details of past experiences that you might be holding on to. Fighting the symptom is not going to give you permanent relief.

The idea is to arrive at the natural default setting, which is everybody’s birth right, it is your natural condition as a spiritual being. It sort of pulsates naturally, responding and inter-playing with whatever it is that is occurring: the chair is chairing, the wall is walling, the person is personing, you get the picture. Each and every expression vibrates at its own appropriate frequency as intended by its spiritual intention. This is as it should be, this is how it was set up. Only when conflicting vibrations are offered concurrently does the end result become compromised.

Where do the conflicting vibrations come from? They come from attachment to a phase in the extension from spiritual spark to physical expression. In the case of people, it is usually an attachment to a previous circumstance, to a certain form, or to convictions. It always has to do with form. Even if the emotional content seems to be anger or fear or resentment or whatever, it is always connected to a form to which this was attached and that someone can’t let go of. There is identification with the form in which they perceived that injustice in one form or another was done to them. When in reality, in spiritual reality, there is no injustice and so it cannot be expressed and done to someone. When someone perceives an injustice it is because their own compromised vibration picks up on someone else’s compromised vibration and together they perform this toxic dance that has no resolution other than the withdrawal of identification with the content that the attachment was made to.

the body mirrors your inner world

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