Why a Physical Body?

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

I am asking to see myself as I am seen and known in the Light of the Akashic Records. I am asking to see myself as I am seen and known by my own Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. (Taken from Linda Howe’s book “How to Read the Akashic Records”)

A very important question indeed. The way we see you in the light of the Akashic Records, the way the masters, teachers and loved ones see you is as so much more and more encompassing than you could possibly imagine while still connected to this earthly body. And that, in a way, is okay. The whole idea behind an earthly body and earthly experience is to experience life from that vantage point, a vantage point where you get to decide and fill in the details about how to intend and how to express.

Edgar Cayce in his spiritual guide A Search For God (chapter The Cross and the Crown) explains that souls got ensnared in physical form through their identification with form. The only way to wake up to spiritual truth from that state is by taking on physical form.

You could compare the soul involved in, and identified with, the physical world to a game designer. The project, with all the technical ins and outs, with all the characters and their circumstances, etc., causes the designer to focus entirely and exclusively on the game and its endless possibilities. From the perspective of a designer the game is indeed endless: with every new turn the designer takes, they will find countless ways to develop the game in new directions. Once identified with the game and its tangents, the designer becomes ensnared. The only way out of the ‘loop’ would be to enter into one of the forms and ‘live it out’: live out that particular form to its max, to the farthest extent it would take you, in order to see the finiteness of the physical form. That form was the human body, which was designed to assist you in exploring the physical world from the inside out. Only from the inside out could you come to realize that the physical is only the result of what happens on the mental and the spiritual planes. Or, in terms of the game analogy: from the perspective of the designer.

Jesus demonstrated this point by dying to his body and resurrecting and ascending. He showed that the physical world is not an end in and of itself, as the game designer immersed in his design might think.

Everything is energy, everything is vibration. Vibration in the spiritual realm extends into the mental realm and from there extends and expresses in the physical realm. For spiritual beings such as you, it is important to be aware of this and to focus your awareness on the essence of this dynamic and not get lost at the far end of the extension. Playing around with extensions makes you lose sight of what the creative process is about, and of what you are about.

Living with a physical body in a way is a dramatic restriction, but due to that restriction, it has allowed you to understand that your power lies in the spiritual realm and not in the physical realm. Experiencing the boundaries of one physical form, the human body, you have been able to sense that there must be more to life than just physical forms that are born and will die. You would not have derived at that conclusion from the position of the game designer who is able to come up with countless new extensions. You would simply have gone on and designed new forms and new ways to interact. The various lives you incarnate into are all intended to let you explore the boundaries of a physical life form and establish for yourself increasingly strongly that you are a spiritual being.

Talents, pursuits, jobs, careers, leisure, as well as illness, death of the body and limitations of all kinds: you experience all these things in order to become clearer about the fact that you are not a physical body but that you are spirit. You will begin to get a feel for who you truly are through activities such as service, dedication and commitment.

The physical creation is not where it’s at. Physical reality is an extension of vibrations originating in the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is where it’s at. You were created to work in that plane. Your capabilities are wasted on trying to ‘work’ the physical. Look at nature, it works itself, no need for you to interfere.

As long as you focus on the physical form, and include it in your intending, you will stay at the level of the physical. In order to zoom out of the level of physical form, the level of appearances, you need to be very, very clear about its true nature and about the fact that operating at this level is not what you were originally created to be doing. Bumping into the boundaries of the physical is exactly what the human form was made to have you experience. So when you notice someone enjoying their physical experience, rejoice with them, for their spiritual core is expressing in physical form. When you notice someone bumping into the boundaries of their physical experience through limiting circumstances, illness and loss, rejoice with them, for their spiritual core is asserting itself, calling for their awareness to turn within. Each and every experience paves the way for the realization that being focused in the physical world is a way too limited mode for spiritual beings to remain in for longer than a specific form requires.

Are there any shortcuts to coming to this realization that our work is meant to be at the spiritual level and not at the physical level?

Yes, and here we come to karma and grace. Eventually everyone will complete their exploration of the physical through this body to its max and will ‘surrender’ their focus, no matter what path they took and no matter how many incarnations they needed. Physical form is a closed territory (whereas before, as a designer, you had a limitless territory). The way of escape that is provided is exactly the fact that there is a physical boundary to the exploration. Karma (in short, the balancing out of experiences) is what will make sure that all the territory gets covered by the points of expression (entities).

Grace allows for a different dynamic. When grace enters the picture an entity focuses on love which is a spiritual quality. A person sort of double squares their experience by intending from the spiritual level (rather than scheming and planning on the physical level), leaving the result with the Creative Forces, because that is where the responsibility for the results has always been. Through the elevated position of someone acting under grace, other entities will notice and will be drawn to what is happening. Through their attraction they will become aware of their true ‘home’ – love – and will as a result invest less and less in the physical. They will increasingly start to understand the innate limitations of the physical in general and of the physical body in particular, and thus will not have to experience each and every aspect directly. Understanding will start to dawn. In that way do those who are under grace – operating from love – walk the small and narrow path that leads directly to Love, to the spiritual realm.

Vibration initiates in the spiritual, extends into the mental and then extends into the physical. Trying to ‘work’ the physical is misunderstanding the process, takes a lot of effort and has only temporary effect at best. Intending at the spiritual level is what you were created to be companions with God for. The results of the creating on the spiritual level will filter down into the physical through extension, but your field of operation is the spiritual.

Why did I choose to be me at this point in time, why me, why this person with this specific body, this specific set of personality traits? Out of all the potential people I could have been in the whole universe, I ‘happened’ to choose to be me; why?

It does not matter too much who you are at his incarnation, you could have been multiple other people. The idea is to explore the boundaries of this physical expression. Through this particular body you have a perfect vantage point to do just that. Whenever you are not happy about something that has to do with your physical body: rejoice, for it shows you that the physical form is limited and that you are a spiritual being. Whenever you are happy about something that has to do with your physical body: rejoice, for you are expressing your divine creativity in physical reality and at the same time exploring the boundaries of the physical body.

Please help me identify the ways in which I am cooperating with the highest possibility of who I am in this life.

Sometimes you are doing so consciously and sometimes you are doing so routinely. Routinely has to do with all that you have experienced before you entered this life. Consciously has to do with newly acquired ways of being. Being aware of your own presence lifts you from the physical into the mental realm and as such is a powerful experience, you square your effect. Being aware of your spiritual nature double squares your experience. Each and every time you are mindful and aware of your spiritual nature in the middle of an everyday experience you are cooperating with the highest possibility of who you are in this life.

The above holds for each and every detail of your life: your relationships, your pursuits, your job, your location, everything. So whenever you are in doubt about any of these things: simply be mindful and present and you will lift yourself and everything and everyone around you into grace. You need do nothing more than intend love from your innermost being.

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