Violence and Cruelty in the World

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records

While I was reading the protocol to open the records the statement “Protect me from all forms of self-centeredness” made me stop and pause. It is clear that any form of self-centeredness would be detrimental to receiving communications from the Akasha. Please share your insights on this.

Self-centeredness is a product of insecurity, always. And insecurity is a form of fear.  It is insecurity about who you are. For if a person knew, truly knew, who they were and are, there would be no cause for feeling insecure and thus being self-centered – safeguarding themselves – would not even cross their mind. They would be at their natural default setting. So perhaps this would be good for you to remember: Whenever you notice or experience an expression that strikes you as self-centered, be assured that it is driven by insecurity. Since that insecurity is part of that person’s self-concept, and as such part and parcel of who they experience themselves to be, it is part of their truth about their reality. And since a person’s own truth about their own reality is their platform from which to project or extend, and from which to allow their self-concept to evolve, their expression is complete and perfect. No judgment necessary whether it is good or bad, whether it should or should not have been expressed. It was due to the mechanics, due to how these things work – it was a complete and perfect expression.

Today in the newspaper there was an item about a video message by German speaking IS-members addressed at Germany and its political leader, Angela Merkel, threatening them. Please help me see the completeness and perfection in that.

Fair enough. Remember what we said above. A person expresses, or participates in an expression that is always based on an intention, whether the person is aware of that intention or not. In the case of the IS-forces, there is a clear intention on their part and so their expression is a perfect fit. And there you have perfection. It is also complete, for how could it not be? Completeness and perfection go hand in hand. The perfection lies in the way it is set up. These young men express perfectly the underlying intention they have embraced.

An interesting question would be: Why did they embrace their particular intention? That has to do with their self-concept, with the dominant concept they have about who they are and what they are about. Remember also that expressions are always in flux, they are not set in stone. Their expressions are based on evolving intentions. For intentions to evolve a person needs to experience life on the basis of their current intentions. And so there you see what is happening.

What about the people they target, in this case the German nation and its leader Angela Merkel?

Think about what Esther Hicks says about vibration attracting like vibration. Why do sparrows mate with sparrows and not with larks? It has to do with vibration, with matching vibrations. There is not a whole lot anybody can do about it. The German people as a people are the sum total of its citizens and their baggage – details of their past they are carrying with them. And here we come back to the need to not cling to anything, to release any details of past activities and situations. Only then will you be able to approach the luminous mind, the natural default setting. The vibration of threats and violence do not match the dominant vibration of the natural default setting and so they will pass, or peter out, or move away.

Whatever happens, you may be assured that the way it is set up functions perfectly. When you are confronted with something you tend to put the label ‘negative’ on, know that it is there, in your field, because something in your field resonated with it. It is an expression that fits your intention. Now, you can work at allowing your intention to evolve, but that can only happen on the basis of experience with the current intention. See the way the process works?

The reason why people can’t see the perfection in IS and its methods is because they focus on the outcome – beheadings, war, threats. In their world all these outcomes are labeled bad and they shouldn’t happen in a perfect world. Well, the world is perfect in the way it is set up and in the way it helps people evolve from one intention to the next, from one expression to the next. In that sense beheadings, war and threats are perfect and complete.

I understand that all expression is based on and intrinsically linked to inner intention. And I understand that intentions evolve as a person experiences the effects of their expressions. Any additional comments would be appreciated.

We think you understand the logic and perfection of the process. It is now a matter of seeing it in action around you. It takes you beyond appearances and into the realm of intentions. Now, it would be easy to judge an intention by the face of its expression. Don’t fall into that trap. Each expression is based on an authentic divine impulse, which you could call the inner intention. In a given set of circumstances people are always attempting to achieve what they feel will yield the highest good for themselves and for those around them. Everyone is always trying their very best. It is the same for everybody, for the saint and the sinner, for the angel and the rascal.

So why doesn’t everybody extend peace and love on the basis of their inner divine impulse, their inner intention?

Because it is covered up, layer by layer, by wounds and burdens people cannot let go of. Once you are able to let go of all the extra burdens and baggage you are bearing, that layer of intention, which has wedged itself between the default setting and the expression, will evaporate. The planning and scheming will fall away and the divine impulses that originate in the natural default setting will naturally express in 3D.

Okay. So knowing all of this, now what do I do when I hear of cruelty and violence in the world?

Understand that a divine impulse lies at the basis of each expression. Know that evil is good gone wrong. We would advise you to focus on the underlying impulse, knowing it is divinely creative, and resonate with that. How? By calling forth in your personal field that element you feel is missing in the expression that is presenting itself to you. If you feel it is brutal, call forth and extend gentleness. If you feel it is relentlessness, call forth and extend mercy. If you feel it is loveless, call forth and extend love.

After all, the so called world is the canvas on which your inner world is projected. Each and every disturbance you encounter is a call to acknowledge the divine impulses welling up within you and extend them, causing you to recognize them in the fields around you. When you do, erroneous thoughts will let go of their hold on you and disturbing images will no longer present themselves to you as such.

Sjaak rock

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