Letting Go of Desired Outcome

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records (part 2 of Unclinging the Past)

Yesterday you talked about dedicating each new activity to an inner intention, by checking in, consulting with the Akashic Records throughout the day when needed. Please add any advice you can give at this time.

Turn to the Akashic Records at every shift in activity. We will help you evaluate, let go and intend. Just ask, that is all that is needed.

What should I ask, what is the best way to phrase my question given the fact that I often won’t have much time between activities and will be surrounded by people.

Fair enough. Inwardly address the guardians and ask them as follows:

  • Dear guardians. I am asking for your help in letting go of any details of – name of the past activity – that may cling to me. Please point out to me which elements need my conscious release – wait and follow instructions. Please help me select a positive intention for the activity and the circumstances that I am about to enter – name of the activity – an intention that is in line with and supports the highest good of all involved.

Learn this by heart and use it throughout your day.

(Next day:) I tried it yesterday. Please comment.

You did not use the format given verbatim, but that is okay. Whenever you thought of the transition you would ask us if there were any details of the past activity still clinging to you and the answer you got was: outcome. In other words, you felt you needed to let go of any desired or expected or dreaded outcome.

This is important to remember: Life is living itself now in function of the present moment and not in function of past moments or in function of future moments. Generally speaking, people employ a type of causality involving time that is not always very helpful. Thinking in terms of outcome is one of the big hooks that keep people attached to past happenings and expected situations. If you are able to relinquish any and all desired or imagined outcomes you will notice that gradually you will stop thinking them up.

People tend to focus on and analyze the past in order to ‘learn from their mistakes,’ and they want to ‘navigate the world’ by projecting goals into the future. Let all of that go. Nourish a new attitude of complete surrender to the present moment. No strings attached to some past situation, no lines with hooks thrown into the future. Just now.

Coming back to the transition between activities: you could apply the affirmation after each activity and focus on relinquishing outcome. Then pause and find a suitable intention to segment-intend the next activity or next activities if you know you’ll be engaged in several short ones. It is okay to group them together.

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