How to Distinguish Between Thoughts and Divine Impulses

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records

Good morning. How shall we proceed?

Good morning. We are here. Still the body, silence the chatter in your mind and sense the space in your mind between the thoughts that are floating by. See how you have allowed thoughts to engage your focus? Let them float by; they, thoughts, are not important at all. Before you know it you will find that you believe them and you will have created another veil to cover the divine impulse coming from within. That is the difference: thoughts come floating by whereas divine impulses well up from within.

How do I tell the difference?

The difference lies in the feeling they give you. Thoughts that float by have a story around them, they have details and detours, opinions, expectations, etc. They tend to make you feel side-tracked, completely absorbed as if in a trance. Thoughts will put you on the track of wanting to do things about them and the situations they conjure up in your mind. A divine impulse welling up from within, on the other hand, has a newness, a sparkling aliveness to it. No story, no details nor detours, just a bright light that shines in faith. No action or plan is needed at all, just a willingness on your part to allow it to be, without any of the overlaying veils that thoughts engender. When you are able to allow a divine impulse to well up and just be, you will find that it makes you joyful, peaceful and trusting. It will direct you quite naturally in the steps that are part of its unfoldment without any conscious scheming or planning on your part.

How can I best prepare for impulses to well up?

Divine impulses, creative inspirations, are generated constantly, continuously. In order to become aware of them welling up within you, you will need to make room for them. You make room for them by focusing on the space between your thoughts. Just let the thoughts that enter your mind float by, do not engage them, and focus on the space between. It is there, in that space, that you will encounter and become aware of creative impulses, divine inspirations, welling up. Meditation will help you nurture that ‘empty’ space. It is, in fact, not empty at all, but it is empty of thoughts that grab your attention and lead you into tangents of all sorts.

In the past you have implored me to consult you whenever I feel the need or am doubtful. And to put you to the test. I am doing so now. I do not want to do things ‘on my own’. That only leads to false expectations and to projections onto the world that only need to be pulled in at a later stage. I want to acknowledge the divine impulses originating in the field of the natural default setting that are available to me through my inner being where I am connected to everything, including the Akashic Records and you, the guardians.

We hear you loud and clear. We addressed some of this in the above already. Whenever you feel doubtful or not at ease, focus on the space between the thoughts. It is the thoughts you allow to take residence in you, and nothing else, that are making you feel that way. The best way to become free of them is to focus your mind on the space between them. Don’t fight the thoughts, for when you do, you energize them and they will become even harder to let go of. Just acknowledge them as part of the scenery, just as you would acknowledge clouds passing by on a wonderful sunny day. It’s the blue sky you would want to focus on.

So remember: whenever you feel less than joyful and peaceful, it is a sign that you have allowed a thought to take over, and its detours have reigned you in. Acknowledge that this is what has happened and focus on the blue sky in-between the clouds. Let the clouds be, they serve a purpose, they do, but that is not of any concern of yours at this moment. Your concern is to disengage from thought patterns and sense the free space around them. In that space you will become aware of the fact that you are connected with the impulses of the field of the natural default setting, you are connected to all of creation, you are connected to the Akasha and to the guardians etc., assisting you and everyone you connect with.

A thought, a projection, an expectation – whether in the past or in the present – will take you on a detour to places you do not want to be. You shine your light on them by acknowledging their presence in you and the way they operate in you, and then you consciously decide to no longer invest in them and let them go. This would be a good way of ending their interfering with the expression of the divine impulse welling up within.

Do all impulses originate from the natural default setting? In other words, are all impulses to be trusted completely and to be followed completely?

In principle, yes. All impulses originate in the field of the natural default setting. There is no other source. As an impulse extends and works its way up, if you will, towards the level of material manifestation, by that time it will have passed through the various filters and veils of the personality self. Due to the distortion caused by these filters the impulse is channeled in a certain way.

Like compulsive behavior?

Exactly. Any type of compulsive, or self-defeating behavior is a divine impulse distorted by personal filters. That is why Edgar Cayce said that evil is good, just under (“How far, then, is ungodliness from godliness? Just under, that’s all!” 254-68) It is. So when you feel an impulse please know that its origin is divine and creative. But sometimes you may have question marks as to the specific form it is expressing, as in the case of compulsive behavior. Do not doubt the divine impulse. Just know that somewhere along the way from source to 3D-expression the impulse has been affected by your personal filters. That is why it so important to clear your inner space, to free yourself from old tapes, past hurts, worn-out expectations, ancient hopes, etc. This is where inquiry (part of The Work, by Byron Katie), this is where forgiveness (corner stone of A Course in Mircales), and other methods, come in. You are constantly responding to divine impulses welling up within you. You will benefit from this generous dynamic gloriously when the impulse can travel unencumbered into material expression.

Sjaak blue sky and clouds

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