Creating in the Present Moment

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records (part 1 of Unclinging the Past)

What advice can you give me when it comes to being a hollow reed through which the creative forces may flow? What specifically can I do to help bring that about?

Good question. Each time you transition from one activity to the next you can take a brief meditative break in which you let go of any attachment to any detail from the previous activity. In addition, during that meditative moment dedicate the next activity to a quality of your choice. Abraham-Hicks speaks of intending a segment of time and calls it “Segment Intending“: “With each new segment in daily life think about what your intention about it is, and intend what you want most from it. It is queuing yourself up for alignment.” That is it in a nutshell. In a way you instruct your mind to build with the blocks you offer. It is very much the same as Edgar Cayce’s framework of ideals, as you have already noticed. That is good, things start to come together for you, excellent.

Please give me examples of how I could go about my day in this fashion.

All right. Let’s see. When you stop working on the computer, take a meditative moment. In that moment you release any hold any of the details of this activity have on you. Then you look ahead at what is next. Is it a coffee break, is it preparing for tomorrow’s meeting, is it reading? No matter what it is, no matter how short the activity will be, like going to the bathroom even, offer yourself this mini meditative moment to let go of any residue and to intend the next segment. At first you will not always remember and when you do, it will take you a while to get used to living this way. But this is what is meant by conscious living, this is what Paul in one of his letters in the Bible meant when he said: “Pray without ceasing“. This way of life will settle and become second nature to you. It is a way of keeping your flame burning throughout the day so that its light can keep on shining no matter what the circumstances.

Yes, that is what I would very much like to achieve.

Yes, we know, and this is the way. There are other ways, but for you now and here, this is the way.

In addition, and now we’re offering information without a specific question but we can sense the question forming in you: yes, it is all right to come and consult with us throughout the day. When you feel doubtful by all means use the protocol to open the records, but whenever you feel an inner urge simply focus and go ahead. Any time, any circumstance.

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