See the Perfection, Ditch Personal Opinion

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records (part 3 of Completeness)

You talked about the completeness and perfection of every expression. Any additional insights in this topic would be appreciated.

We can tell you are getting the hang of it. It is so much more fun to see the completeness and perfection in everything and everyone around you than to focus on what is lacking, isn’t it? It is indeed a mystery why this approach isn’t much more common than it is. You work on it and people around you will catch on. Helping you to look at things this way is the knowledge that everyone is always trying the best they can to achieve peace and happiness, their version of peace and happiness. And since progress can only be made from a person’s own solid basis, everyone has to go by their own definition of peace and happiness in order to go anywhere and evolve. Just like an 8-year-old has to take his circumstances and condition as the basis to evolve into a 9-year-old.

You talked about meeting people in a field of perfection and completion, and not judge. Any further information would be appreciated.

Yes, we said to drop the personal view. Personal views are entirely beside the point. Hold firmly in your mind that people are doing their best and then you will not feel the need to judge and you will be able to see the completeness and perfection in the expression, whatever it is.

Personal opinions are beside the point? I would love to hear more about that.

Remember that we said that people are an instrument for Life to express in 3D. Each expression is based on an underlying intention. If there is no intention, there can be no expression. People tend to be on automatic, meaning: they tend to not be aware of the intention that is the foundation for their expression. That results in a mixed bag of expressions, to put it bluntly. The building blocks for the expression are a variety of thoughts and patterns, hang-ups, frustrations with an occasional inspiration mixed in. Some people manage to get quite a bit of inspiration mixed in even while on automatic, but for most their expression is mixed because of the mixed building blocks, the mixed base. Edgar Cayce’s “Framework of Ideals” works as a ship’s rudder, it helps a person stay on course and navigate ‘the world’ in order to consciously express the intention they had consciously chosen. And that works quite well. The next step, really, is to work on doing away with all the extra baggage that creates these obstacles in the world. That is the work people all over the planet go to a therapist for, as well as the work of people like Byron Katie who offer this self-help system that allows you to gain insight in the excess burdens you are bearing and of which you are not aware. As long as you are bearing these burdens they keep interfering with the consciously chosen intention. The idea is to empty yourself of anything that interferes with the functionality of your mind to build. When there is nothing to interfere your mind is at its natural default setting, which is loving and peaceful and harmonious, etc. As such it will project those qualities onto the world and you will receive those qualities back. None of the qualities with a different vibration have a chance to intrude. ‘The world’ with its obstacles and challenges that so many experience is not there for those who do not have any inner disturbances to project onto the canvas of their reality. They no longer need to work with a specific spiritual intention. All of the spiritual intentions are available as part of the natural default setting of their mind.

Now back to personal opinions and the field. Personal opinions are none other than excess baggage packaged as a fence that protects that baggage. If you do not erect the fence in the first place it is far easier to let go of the baggage. As to the field, when you are able to be in a field of completion and perfection the qualities you elicit from the world around you (including people, circumstances, nature, things) are characterized by completion and perfection. What you extend, you will receive back. The world around you cannot but reflect what you offer it. The type of vibration you extend selects and draws to it matching vibrations. That is why Jesus said:  “I am with you always”, meaning: his energy envelops you in a field of completion, perfection, peace, love, etc. as soon as you consciously call upon it.

Sjaak sea and sand

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