All Expressions Are Perfect and Complete

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records (part 2 of Completeness)

Regarding your earlier statement that everything is perfect, complete, as it is, I find that hard to recognize in some situations. I’m not even talking about cruelty and injustice in the world. On a personal level I often find it hard to acknowledge that a situation is perfect when I see that something is lacking. Take this every day example: I was having dinner at a restaurant with friends and when we were leaving they forgot to push their chairs back up to the table. My remark about that was dismissed, and so I moved the chairs myself. Nothing major, but where is the perfection in this?

The perfection and completeness is in their refusal to push the chairs back when you pointed out to them that they had forgotten. We think you do understand that, at that particular moment in time, forgetting to push the chairs back was a perfect and complete expression of their state of mind. You need to accept that without any judgment. Why would you want to point out to them that they should move their chairs? There is no point in that, we’re sorry to say. Their refusal was a response to your nagging and not a refusal to move chairs back in general. We understand that you would want to leave the restaurant gracefully, because you are thinking of the people who have prepared the meal and have set the tables and will clear the tables. For them it is nicer to see that someone took the trouble to pull up the chairs. If someone forgets or is oblivious, what is the problem with you doing it for them if you feel so strongly? Stay close to your own feelings and do not project them onto other people. They are bound to bark and right they are. Stay out of their business, it is not yours. In general, learn to see that all expressions are complete and perfect, even if not set in stone. When you come to see that as a general rule, you will stop second guessing situations and circumstances. For example, the father and mother you observed eating their dinner with their young son. It struck you that they were not being friendly at all to the young boy. You noticed how he was begging for attention and all he got was curt answers from his mom and hardly any attention from his dad.

Are you saying that that family dynamic was the best all involved could muster and that it was complete and perfect?

Yes, that is what we are saying. You do not know what had come before that and you do not know what will happen next. You just got this one picture and you assume you know all about it. You don’t. The only thing you can be sure of is that their expressions are complete and perfect. And it is up to you to look for and acknowledge the perfection and the completeness in it and meet the people involved in a field of perfection and completion. Any time you do not, they will feel that you are holding something against them and they will not connect with you, and thereby an opportunity to lift an interaction to a higher plane has been lost. We can see that your greatest challenge in this is to not judge when you find a situation lacking in something from a personal point of view. Drop the personal point of view, it won’t offer you anything but misery.

Sjaak sea and surf

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