Engaging the Records in Conversations

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records (part 1 of Channeling)

In an earlier message you spoke about the natural default setting that is every person’s natural heritage. Any additional insights in this topic would be appreciated.

The natural default setting that is every person’s natural heritage. Yes. As you work towards letting go of all hindrances those you are in contact with will sense what you are doing, even though they may not have a clue as to what is happening. They sense that what you are doing is something they would love to do – most people would love to do – and so you will notice that you will be able to connect with them on that level. No longer will you pass the time with talking about inconsequential details of earthly life; more and more you will experience that you can tune in to that very same dynamic within other people. There is nothing you have to do to make that happen. And talking about everyday stuff is still okay. it is just that you will find that more and more your conversations will turn to the inner work of cleaning house.

As soon as you notice that this topic is on the table, we would like to ask you to open the records, quietly and imperceptibly, and let us take over the conversation. Can you do that? Again, there is nothing that you have to do, It is a matter of being there, in the presence of you yourself and of that other person. Through your awareness of the connection between you and that other person and between you and us at the Akashic Records this could take place. It requires your full awareness in the present moment, a complete setting aside of any personal agenda and a graceful willingness to be a channel of blessing.

You will increasingly come upon situations where you connect with people on an inner plane, where your inner work at cleaning house will entice them to do the same. The door to enter into such a conversation can be any topic that takes you to a level where we can step in. Don’t make the topic an absolute. It is the flowing of goodness and peace and harmony in each and every present moment that we are after. We need openings to let it stream through, and anyone willing to open their door and be a conduit is accepted here.

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