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Exchange with the guardians of my records (part 1 of Completeness)

In previous sessions you explained how vibration extends from the mind into the body, or as the body. You talked about being and feeling complete and the courage to be at rest. In that clear situation where nothing clings a person is at their natural default setting and they will only resonate with the good and the lovely. Any additional insights in this topic would be appreciated.

Yes, isn’t that wonderful. When you manage to not have anything cling to you, you will experience the natural default setting which is love and light and beauty and generosity and freedom and joy and justice and peace. In that natural state only vibrations that match will register and only they will interact with your state. Any other vibration simply doesn’t match and will be skipped and ignored. This is something that is available to each and every one. The natural default setting is everyone’s natural default setting. It is through their traumas and dramas and stories to which people cling, that their vibration deviates from the natural default setting and attracts, receives or registers other, less than perfect vibrations. Forgiveness and letting go of judgment, resentment – these things enable a person to clean house. Mind is the builder, so make sure it can build! As long as there are sub-standard materials present that block the mind from experiencing its default setting, its building capacity will be hampered and its structures will be less than what it is capable of building.

Earlier you spoke about the importance of receptivity, the importance of the willingness to put the small self with its limited perspective aside and receive.

The willingness to put the small self aside, to forego personal opinions and to let go of convictions. Just as A Course in Miracles (ACIM) notes, only a small willingness is necessary, and then, one step will lead to the next. Just as the universe is expanding gradually, so you are. Not by leaps and bounds, but here a little there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept, as Cayce would say.

You said: It is in your being you – and not in your doing you – that you will find what you are seeking. Please elaborate.

This has to do with the sense of completeness. At any stage an expression of energy, in this case you, is complete. It cannot be incomplete. Even though it morphs and grows and expands, at any given stage it is perfect, just as it should be.

Think of a growing child. You wouldn’t think of calling an 8-year-old incomplete just because he hasn’t reached adulthood yet. No, an 8-year-old is complete and perfect just as s/he is even though we all know that s/he will not stay like this for long. We know that s/he will change and gradually turn into a 9-year-old, and in that stage s/he will be complete and perfect again, just as s/he was before. So it is with the soul and its expression. It is always perfect and complete, even though we know it is subject to change and growth, to evolution, expansion. That expansion will happen without you searching and seeking for a so called missing piece or for missing information to make it happen.

Your job is to guard your inner space and keep it open, clean and receptive. As soon as something starts to cling, make sure you do the necessary to un-stick whatever it is that got stuck. The better you manage to do this, the better you will feel because you will get nearer and nearer your natural default setting with its benevolent vibrational field.

So, no, there is nothing you need to do because you are complete as you are. And yes, there is something you need to do whenever you sense that you have allowed something to cling to you. In the East it is called attachment, and this is exactly what they mean. Your personality becomes engaged, your ego invests and the drama takes off. And so what are you seeking? You are seeking the open, clear, benevolent natural default setting of your inner space – the emptiness, as it is called in the East. Anything in the outside world that will help you get to that state is helpful, but you have the resources inside of you to do the cleaning yourself.

Does that mean that searching for something in the outer world in order to evolve is really beside the point. When an expression is at its natural default setting it will resonate with what is needed and it will naturally evolve. No seeking beyond its inherent open state is required. Is that correct? Any additional insights in this topic would be appreciated.

Yes that is true, no searching for anything beyond what is innately given is needed. In fact, it distracts and pollutes. Think of a budding flower. It does not go out in search of water or nutrients for its roots. It trusts that water, nutrients and enough light will be provided for it to grow. You only have to look at a so called ordinary field to observe that this is what happens. There is a natural developmental path innate to every flower and each flower ‘knows’ how to grow and produce flowers and seed, etc. Think of the chaos that would ensue if each and every flower were to go around and ask and search for this or that nutrient or type of water, based on their perception of what might possibly be needed… far better for the flower to rely on its inner plan for growth, while simply being there where it is, being open to take in all that is freely offered.

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