Regular Practice

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records

Several days have passed due to traveling. Please comment on this interruption.

Interruptions are sometimes difficult to avoid. Make sure you pick up the pace again, for momentum helps secure the connection. As to the preparation for these sessions: it is best if you prepare without distractions. However, you will eventually come to learn to connect to the Akasha even when lots of distractions are present. The stronger your connection is, by practicing faithfully and regularly, the better you will be able to secure a connection even in the midst of many distractions. All in good time. We start with small steps in a protected environment in order to move with bigger steps in any given environment. It is a learning curve, not very different from any other learning curve.

Relax. Your level of intelligence is far sufficient to understand what we are relaying to you. It is a matter of receptivity, not of capacity to understand. You become more receptive by following the guidelines mentioned before: regular, daily practice in setting self aside and dedicating to receiving/relaying our words/thoughts/ perspectives. Even though there are various people, lots actually, who work with the Akashic Records, there is always the need for more to do so. Until everyone does. Willingness to receive and to put aside your own limited assessment is the vital ingredient in this respect. Be willing to not know, be willing to be blank about a topic. An opinion is only so much grist for the mill with an expiration date. Sidestep that and be welcomed right away by a broader perspective that speaks of justice, peace, harmony, and joy for all.

Sign off now as instructed and do come back again tomorrow and the day after and the day after, etc. It is in your being you – and not in your doing you – that you will find what you are seeking.


Sjaak naalden

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