Mind is the Builder

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records

Earlier you explained how vibration extends from the mind into 3D. Any additional insights in this topic would be appreciated.

Focus on the good and the lovely. “Mind is the builder.” Edgar Cayce said that, and he is so right. Give the mind something good to build with, give it something constructive to build with, preferably something that is in tune with the default setting we talked about earlier. If the mind is given peaceful, harmonious or loving thoughts, it will be in a much better position to connect with impulses around it that directly emanate from Life, from Source. Think of the field. When you feed the mind less than perfect building blocks it will try all the same to align with all that is good and lovely, but will have a far harder time of it.

Nissargadatta advises not to start anything new, not to initiate anything as life will live itself if you let it. Any thoughts on that?

Yes he is right. Byron Katie works the same way, as does Tony Parsons.

Why can’t I do that? Why do I keep initiating things, why do I keep wanting to make things happen?

The reason is that you do not feel you are complete, even if you are. Your experience of yourself is that of not yet being complete, and so you seek to add things that will make you complete. The more you focus on those external add-ons the more the perspective of being incomplete solidifies and the harder it gets to let it go. Yet, and here we come back to the building blocks, there is a difference in adding onto your experience by going to the fair and by going shopping, or by steeping yourself in spiritual material. Until the moment that you feel you are complete you will seek for answers outside of you. When there is a sense of completeness, of being complete, that is when you will have the courage to rest, to press the pause button and not be scared of an abyss. There is none, other than the emptiness of expectations done away with.

Abraham-Hicks speaks of life being propelled forward by desires that we cannot help but feel and by life responding to those desires in the shape of their fulfillment. Our less than good feelings are what is keeping us from experiencing the fulfillment of those natural arising desires. Any comments?

Yes, think of people such as Byron Katie and Tony Parsons. This is what they experience. Since nothing clings to them, any thought that they entertain has the power of yielding immediate results. They manage to stay in a loving/positive frame of mind by thinking good and lovely things and so any thought that happens to pass by that is not in line with that will not be entertained. Any thought that is in line with the good and the lovely will be recognized and welcomed. And that is how life lives itself without any interference of an ego-based agenda.

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