Body Mind Relationship

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

I read somewhere that the body is the expression of the mind. Please explain how to view and work with this relationship.

The relationship between body and mind. Everything is energy, everything is vibration and waves. At some point a vibration is being recognized as this or that, e.g. as light, or as sound or as matter. And so the body is vibration recognized as a particular type of matter. Thoughts and feelings are vibration/energy, recognized as seemingly different expressions: joy, sadness, contentment, anger, etc.

But, as said before, all of the energetic expressions are showing the intention that lies beyond them, that initiates them. It would be quite impossible for a person to have feelings and thoughts in a certain vibratory range and then have bodily experiences that are completely unrelated. They are all connected. Mind and body are not at all separate, body is the extension of mind. Not the other way around. The body’s vibrations are denser than those of the mind, they are being fed by the vibrations of the mind. When you are at your default setting, then your mind’s energetic vibrations originate in peace, joy, love, etc. They extend into the body, expressing there in healthy functioning parts. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) talks about the function of the body being the communication channel through which the holy spirit can act. That is exactly right. Forgiveness, ACIM’s central thought, clears away the veils and filters, helping you to get to the default setting. Once there, you will automatically, as by default, express love and peace and joy, etc. This is what ACIM calls letting the Holy Spirit communicate through you.

People are right in the middle of this dynamic, this process of balancing and giving shape and form to this particular form of matter they call the body. It all emanates from the mind. That’s where the vibrations are felt first. As long as you keep second guessing the body by rejecting it, finding fault with it, the more you will get trapped in a loop. It originates in the mind. The vibrations generated there automatically extend outward into all kinds of situations and things around you including the body. Focus on the good and the lovely and the body will have to follow. That’s how it’s set up.

When the body dies, the mind will no longer extend through that venue/conduit but will keep on expressing.

Sjaak paarse heide

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