Scope of the Information Coming Through

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

In one of the audio segments available on Youtube Esther Hicks talks about our contact with non-physical and how, through our contact with non-physical, we have access to infinite wisdom. It takes focus and determination, in other words, alignment, in order to receive it and relay it, she explains. Please share your perspective on this.

She would know! No kidding, of course she knows. The idea of an oracle is not so very far-fetched. Whatever you focus upon will enlarge in your experience. If you practice the violin long enough, you will be able to play a Brahms lullaby eventually. So it is with contacting the Akasha. By your focus and your commitment to stay focused on your connection with inner guidance / Akasha / non-physical / whatever you want to call it, you will enlarge that contact in your experience. You will make it more and more real and meaningful the longer you focus on it. You will attract those elements that are necessary for that evolvement. The focused attention will draw to it what it needs to continue to grow and develop. It will not happen automatically, it takes your decision and consistent focus for the field to expand and become more meaningful.

This has to do with the interface, right, with the connection itself. What about the subject matter that comes through?

Yes, so far we have talked about the established conduit. By the power of their continued focus, everyone is able to establish and expand a field of interest. On any subject. When it comes to consulting inner guidance and tapping into the wisdom that is stored in the Akasha, the same principle holds. It is just that you in your world are not so acquainted with the phenomenon of people having actually nursed and nourished their connection with their inner world. And when people have, they keep it to themselves, mostly. With that said, let us look at the scope of information you can consult the Akasha on. There is a scale, in a way. On one end of the scale is the energy field of the physical person, dealing with their expression in 3D for which the personality with its personal characteristics is used for navigation. The specifics of the personality, its fields of expertise, its likes and dislikes, its veils and filters, etc., determine the minimal opening through which information can come through, the minimal field for the information to express in. On the other end of the scale is the energy field of infinite wisdom found in the Akasha which is available to anyone wishing to access it. But here is the caveat, the opening through which information can come through, the type of field that accommodates the relay of information, is dependent upon the a person tending the field of interaction. Compare it to a muscle. People are born with muscles, everyone has them. But the condition, power and scope of use of a muscle depend entirely on the focus the person puts on exercising it. It is that simple, really.

So, is it fair to say that Esther Hicks and Edgar Cayce and all of the others, are able to convey the quality and quantity of information they are conveying / have conveyed on the basis of their personal sustained focus?

Yes, that is what we are saying. When a field is activated it will draw on to itself other helpful components from this life of this personality, but also of other lives of the entity. The energy amasses according to focus and intent. Gradually, the scope of information that can be relayed broadens and expands with sustained intention and focus.

Is it fair to say that anyone who wants to can expand their field of interaction and allow answers to questions of a nature beyond their personal field of interest to come through?

Yes, that would be possible. But remember that this is a step-wise process. You cannot get from this end of the scale all the way to the other end in one big leap. Take it one step at a time, increase your focus and intention of being of service to others and you will notice that more information will become available and new types of questions will be asked through you. You will have drawn those questions to you by the continued focus on the field that you are in the process of creating.

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