Paris Attacks Nov 13, 2015

Exchange with the guardians of my Akashic Records:

On Friday November 13th the city of Paris was the target of terrorist attacks. People seem to respond in different ways, some of them expressing extreme views. I am confused. Please share your perspective.

The way you should look at a situation like this is with love and appreciation.

Love and appreciation? I think I can manage love and appreciation when I think of all those people rushing to the scene to help and of the people around the world offering their sympathy. But how can I look with love and appreciation at the situation with bombs exploding and guns firing, let alone at the people causing this terror?

Your question shows that you manage to view certain aspects with love and appreciation already. The idea is now to extend it to the whole.

How could I possibly look with love and appreciation at people who mercilessly kill innocent fellow human beings?

Remember when we talked about the fact that everyone always does what they think is best within their framework of thought and within their scope of options? That is the only way for a person to grow, by acting upon their best insight in a given situation. Even if they have to go through repetitions, those repetitions serve the message they are in need of receiving, namely: this behavior does or does not further my agenda. I am sure that you can appreciate the workings of this dynamic.

Yes, I can. When I look at myself, I can only confirm that I always try to do that which I feel is the best I can do within the framework I am operating in.

Of course. This holds for you as much as it holds for anybody else, including those fighters. So let’s look at how you can extend love.

How do I look with love at those people and their actions?

We might want to approach this from a different angle. If you do not look at them in love, you know in advance that things will never change. You’ll be stuck in a spiral going down. Real contact with another person is possible only in a field of love and appreciation. Only then can you get to know the other person as they really are. In any other field (revenge, anger, irritation, etc.) this is impossible because those other fields accentuate and promote separation. In other words, there is no alternative. “Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you”. This is age-old advice. The only way to neutralize a down spiral is by looking at it in love. Not many people manage that. In the media you might hear ‘tough’ language being spoken about violent counter measures. These might bring a solution in the short run, but in the long run they will only prolong and extend the problem.

I can understand why they would think those thoughts in these circumstances. Are people bad for thinking thoughts of revenge?

No, not bad at all. They respond in the way they think is best in the given circumstances, given their frame of reference and their scope of options. A political leader has a different framework compared to a private person. So, you will see many different views and responses on the matter and they are all fine. If the response is of the type ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’, then that will be exactly what will be returned, even if in a different area and at a different time. And the newly created situation will again offer all people involved the opportunity to decide again who they want to be in the light of that situation.

But when I think of myself…

Yes, when you think of you, you will have to conclude that the final answer has to be: looking with love at the people involved, at their actions and at the situation created.

Paris Attacks Nov 13, 2015

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